1. He has a point that this whole hypermasculine image is not attractive to women.

  2. The idea that sex is the result of "hard work" and "taking responsibility" is idiotic

  3. You must be real fun at parties, always discussing "serious topics" and "work"

  4. Similar situation, although I wouldn't describe myself as a nice person. Too honest for that.

  5. dont change the subject, you said that women have this superpower where they can see through your lies, so is this superpower exclusive to detecting virginity in guys or?

  6. if girls have this superpower then why don't they use it before getting in a relationship with men who abuse them?

  7. What does abuse have to do with that fact if you're a virgin or not?

  8. They are seen as attractive, hence they are confident in their attractiveness. Young women have no issues getting dates or a boyfriend if they want.

  9. High school was forced 1:1 ratio and daily social interaction with girls. Guess how many were interested in me?

  10. Yeah this is probably true. Just look at all the past kings etc.

  11. They are never going to let single men adopt a child. Wayyyy to high risk of him being a child molester etc.

  12. Dating is just a depressing thing if you compare men vs. women. Just like it's depressing to compare physical abilities between the sexes and men just dominate with ease due to being bigger/stronger.

  13. I'm pretty sure attractive male bodies are typically equipped with quite some muscle. That doesn't come from nowhere. You gotta eat and workout to grow and have an attractive body.

  14. Well you'll be happy to know that while your concerns are real (it's really hard to date when you're poor) your actual knowledge about all this is really embarrassing. People don't have more kids if they're poor and stupid. They have more kids if their country's infant mortality rate is high or if their socio-economic status does not afford them the ability to pay for abortions (if they live in a civilised part of the world where they are actually permitted).

  15. Even in the US people in the lower class have more kids than the middle class

  16. I think it's going to hit the middle class way harder. Already today poor people and the upper class are still having a good amount of kids. It's the birthrate in the middle class that is falling.

  17. Yeah it's depressing. Missing out on life itself...

  18. I've gotten a handful of compliments over the years and remember fondly. But it's rare.

  19. Yeah you're not really the type of guy women fantasize about.

  20. I'm pretty sure people overall are having less sex today than they did in the past.

  21. Everyone who peddles "self-improvement" is trying to make money off of struggling guys. The whole concept can only work if people keep coming back to pay more money/click more videos. If it worked the "self-improvement" industry would run out of customers.

  22. Personally, I'm opposed to the idea of "self-improvement". It's just a marketing scheme to sell books/courses/... to men and keep them serving the system.

  23. A ton of ethnic people (both men and women) have some serious white worshipping tendencies. This results in them wanting a white mate. I think it's gross and unhealthy.

  24. Idk irl women are pretty alright. Terminally online women, so the kind that use Reddit feminism subs, are not representative. Don't listen to them.

  25. Because the movie is portraying a fantasy. Because in real life nobody wants the the fat balding guber.

  26. They wanted pattinson to get on PEDs for the role and he refused. Most male superhero actors are on roids and lie to the public about it.

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