1. Cremated has so many of the same colors. I’ve not even used mine yet. I like banana fetish out of all the palettes.

  2. The better question is why do I not have a disposable $90USD 😂

  3. I do, but it looks like a cropped hoodie. 😩 I wish he made long hoodies to cover my a**. Girl Probs

  4. Girl issues? As if us men don’t struggle with huge dumpies

  5. No one said they had a big bottom. The issue is men staring and sexualizing when you’re not covered.

  6. This girl has like the opposite of body dysmorphia. She thinks she’s so much hotter than she actually is

  7. That’s the product of social media. She has a stream of people telling her she’s hot and skinny

  8. Sure it's everyone's own business but why would anyone admit that on social media? I've watched parts of this video and it was just stupid... The views are telling, they are very low as for now!

  9. Bangs for the hair, also look up “curtain bangs” and some inner corner highlight- use a silver or white shimmer shade!

  10. These comments are absolutely savage.

  11. Idk how she can take it. I would leave the platform.

  12. She needs to sell the cups on Posh 🤣 a bundle

  13. The teen brain does not finish development until after age 25. You’re both kiddos to me.


  15. Omg wifey, I have bronchitis right now and I just wheezed and choked laughing so hard at her looking like a “toe.” 🤣

  16. ugh i need to be like you!!! so many glosses and balms but it takes me forever to use them up 🫠 amazing job!!!

  17. I’m going to Italy in June to buy the 1 bag I want but this whole making customers go into the store is ridiculous to me.

  18. This is awesome. I would do the same. 👍😍

  19. I’m a reseller, so I do like it. There is not a LV in my state, so the brand is somewhat exclusive here.

  20. Finally got the JS Approved mascara, some liquid lippies and liners, and the stoned lip balm. I’m so happy! I haven’t been able to afford the regular prices due to bills, but thought I’d treat myself due to free shipping and the great discounts

  21. I bought the Blood Lust palette, a liquid lip, and the beauty killer pink chrome mirror. The only palettes left that I don't have are Jawbreaker and Banana Fetish, but I asked the fiance which palette out of all 3 and he chose Blood Lust, lol.

  22. I love the banana one the best. I want beauty killer 2.

  23. I’m more shocked that all 3 are mothers.

  24. This sale is lackluster!! Everyone has the palettes & the skin is just 25% off :( I’ll still get something.

  25. How old are you? Cause I know someone who’s a prostitute and she’s only 16

  26. It’s been debunked. The whole building is unleveled.

  27. How did it go ???? Do you need bail bond ;)

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