1. New York Fast, Extraordinarily Large Planes - goes in both the AFC East and the NFC East, removing both the Jets and Giants. If they make the playoffs for both conferences they play double-headers. We're at net -1 team, which means I can now create three.

  2. What if the New York team is the AFC and NFC team in the Super Bowl? Such madness!

  3. An upset would be fun. I hope the Packers score more points than the Eagles.

  4. My birthday's Tuesday. A good early present would be a Commanders win (and GB, a little help would be nice tonight).

  5. “The Washington Prime” with Bezos money affording actual Optimus Prime as a mascot would be kind of fucking rad. He could battle the Fox football robot.

  6. I like a good pho. Plenty of siracha in the broth and has to have good noodles...

  7. Wait, they'd be wearing two helmets at the same time?

  8. Extra protection. One oversized helmet over a normal sized helmet.

  9. Even the best qb in his prime needs at least solid weapons rather than practice squad-caliber replacement level trash. Look at Herbert struggling without Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. There’s nothing wrong with Rodgers. His supporting cast is just dogshit. Even worst than Brady’s last season with the Pats.

  10. Even with the receivers, Rodgers is very inaccurate this season.

  11. If that's the case, most of us look like assholes.

  12. Ford had an incredible game, but I feel that the clear choice has to be Watson. The young man balled out this evening.

  13. Moved up here a couple year ago as well. Feels like bars are about it. Since I don’t drink, it’s not easy.

  14. As a single male in the UP, bars seem to be the social arena.

  15. Same man. I'm probably headed down the divorced path too. Just... I don't fucking know anymore. I've also got a great job, my social life is ok, and I have my kids with me, but... FUCK.

  16. I've felt this way for a while as well. No kids, but I've been divorced now for about three years, all of my friends from the military are very busy with their own lives, and the only thing around here for a social life is the bar scene.

  17. I think his son just joined the Refs so it will never end

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