1. That literally is her prescribing the medication

  2. You can literally just go in - get in the refill line - and wait a few minutes while they fill it.

  3. They can try, but any script for a controlled substance requires proof of ID, so I don't think anyone can just go and pick it up. Especially if you're a regular at the pharmacy.

  4. I stopped talking to those people altogether. I'm just paranoid. I pick up my refill tomorrow though

  5. Look up tips on YouTube on how to get better. I don't have any of the CODs only warzme and I'm pretty good, play every da right now I'm level 110 3rd prestige

  6. Man's is sus asf, what do you mean the most dicked up at work? What do you do at work bro?

  7. Bro it looks and sounds like someone was dropping some shit at your front door lol

  8. So this is a ww2 game right ? Tf am I looking at

  9. Desperate money grab on the devs part? They included 2400 cod points which is the same price as the operator bundle (19.99)

  10. Sbmm ruining Mc experience. Got a 1.06 kd and being paired with 3.x kd

  11. See if she wants to boof some Molly with you, maybe ask your dad too

  12. Usually they have a doctor via zoom. And then they send over the scripts to the pharmacy. Usually a lot of comfort mens, the more mens they're on the more money they make

  13. Xanax helps me. I have way less sexual urges on it

  14. Weed and benzos. Some what of a egodeath, you have a complete head change, personality, etc

  15. 90mg a month. I'm in the US. Usually get b706. Get my refill next Friday 😋🙌

  16. Haha its a glitch in the game. You can't report people for exploiting a fuck up on the devs behalf.

  17. Make sure you report them. And also it seems like they favor the town on fortunes keep

  18. Did you manage to make that amazing guess by reading the description?

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