1. What medication are you commenting on?

  2. No worries, you can find it

  3. Is there a specific reason you're acting like im dumb?

  4. Yes, your comment was dumb. My point is that everyone who has bipolar suffers from either mania or hypomania. A mixed episode has mania, just at the same time as depression. It still includes mania/hypo. See your statement is in agreement with mine, however, the way you used the word "but" is reads that your opinion is contrary.

  5. Wow, wow, wow, I suggest you take a look at the rules and the name that is on the creation for 95% of our wiki pages. Mixed episodes are not as simple as mania and depression. My point was that some people, having only ever experienced mixed episodes, will not recognize that they may have bipolar disorder, AND it is possible to be diagnosed without having mania or hypomania. Mixed episodes are their diagnostic code for a reason.

  6. LOL, I forgot i did this.

  7. I've been diagnosed as bipolar type 1, how can I talk to a moderator to be able to ask questions?

  8. You should be good to go. If you need to talk with us directly in the future, you can use this link for

  9. Hi, how come I can post a thread in this community?

  10. Taking a look now, I'll use modmail to respond.

  11. You may find some helpful information from our Community Discussion for users that are

  12. I got banned for a week for mentioning the name of a bipolar celebrity. It seemed like a harsh punishment, especially when I use this as a kind of support group while waiting to get my meds sorted out.

  13. Thank you for the feedback; this is something that we have heard before. In our future conversations, we will take this under advisement about what mod actions are appropriate in which conditions.

  14. Thanks. I think 24 hours would be more reasonable than an entire week, if at all.

  15. I like the suggestion; I'll remember this as we move into 2023.

  16. You may find some information from our recent community discussion on

  17. There Mark Cuban's site too, cost plus drugs

  18. Doubting your diagnosis is normal; I think most people have felt this way at one point or another. If you genuinely believe that you might be misdiagnosed, mention it; if you're wrong, 🤷, if you are right, it could potentially change a lot.

  19. Lashify is impressive once you figure out gossamers you like and lash maps that work for your face. It can get pricey; though, I don't recommend shopping there if you are feeling impulsivity. I have at least 50 packages of gossies that I have yet to use, and I haven't bought any new ones since I decided not to renew my membership.

  20. They are from the escorting group, one particular person and her cronies. I tried to report, they didn't care. Followed from here to my twitter. Retweets my stuff to talk shit on her anon account about my prices, body, mental state, and schooling. It got so bad I was being attacked on the daily. I called her out and was placed on temporary ban. They don't realize I'm not the kind of person who just rolls over, so I just dealt with it till it finally eased up about two days ago.

  21. https://giphy.com/gifs/3oEdv4hwWTzBhWvaU0

  22. Can I get a reply to my previous two comments?

  23. Hi, sorry! This is a bot, so we don't see comment replies. Please use modmail if this happens.

  24. I dig the audio, it's like I'm on a little trip

  25. You may find some information from our recent community discussion on

  26. Didn't find a missleading link. Can you be more concrete which links that should be?

  27. Maybe they are talking about loading the links through the mobile app

  28. Thank you, again I don't have any experience with this disorder apart from surface level research so I can't say for sure if it applies here.

  29. We noticed that your account is

  30. Keep it civil. Even if you think you mean it as a "joke".

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