1. Picked this same deal.up a couple weeks ago. Great stuff. Truly eliminated pain. Not just a distraction.

  2. I can testify that, of all strains I've had, bio jesus is one that truly provides real pain relief not just distraction. It's a joyful and tranquil feeling that's relaxing and pain free.

  3. Whatever it is, I would start with a low dosage after that long.

  4. I second this. I love the 1:1 version. I take 10mg and supplement with flower.

  5. I think of Cezanne, Charles Burchfield and Diego Rivera when I look at this. Copying and emulating can help one find there own personal expression. Find some inspiration, make 20-30 vomitous ugly messes of art and one will finally comes out that surprises you. The blunt critique is, if you have to ask, you already know the answer.

  6. They are a mysterious company. All that can be found about them is Women owned Located North of Cincinnati No website No contact info

  7. Picking this up today. Curious, did it have any CBD in it? Also, does it have any sativa effects?

  8. the is no CBD. maybe only 5 strains in all of Ohio that CBD in it for flower... I use Cannatonic. and mix w regular flower.

  9. Verano - super glue Firelands - northern lights Klutch - ice cream cake

  10. Klutch orange 43 chocolate bar. Another worldly high.

  11. That made the choice obvious and was not misleading. Purchased and tried! Very nice. Smells like Sunset sherbet, pungent floral, light citrus and kerosene.. Relaxed, joyful, good pain relief, slight psychedelic spaciness, staring. Tastes like lemon and lavender bouquet with a little bit of gas. Smooth on the throat. Thanks for the lead!

  12. Usually OCL is above my price range but caught a 20% off at AWOH in Lebanon. ( Huge shoutout to my bud tender, you’re the best dude!). Upon opening I was blown away with the looks, and then the smell hit me too! It’s almost a mix of sweet earthy gas. Have yet to try but will update with effects later in the day! 🙌🏼

  13. Still looking forward to hearing about the effects. Considering buying.

  14. Honestly I stay away from firelands anything. A buddy of mine that works in dispo suggested staying away from it. I went ahead and tried a cart anyway not sure if it was the live Rosin but I was disappointed regardless. Just picked up a luster pod kit for $85 on sale at sunnyside a week ago and it’s the best tasting cart I’ve had through my 3rd 45 set of days during the program. I’ve run out of days each set so I’d say I’ve tried a bit of everything. Just picked up a klutch luster orange 43 and it’s everything I ever wanted. The kit came with a layer cake from butterfly effect or grow Ohio. It’s amazing full flavor and smell not very discreet but as far as effects does the job above and beyond.

  15. Too late, buts thanks. I'll report my experience!

  16. Never posted your experience with this. Please let us know what you think because everyone is different you may have had better luck with this than myself

  17. Of course! Here's what I think. It's good, not great. I won't buy it again. I will buy luster pods and other carts in the future, but the additional cost for a live rosin was not worth it for me.

  18. Ha, you sounds like Bengals fans of the past. Back when we sucked, which was most of the time. Just making up excuses.

  19. This worked for me. Another user gave me this tip

  20. The new launcher (released Nov 2) has unresolved issues for many players.

  21. Thank you so much. You are very helpful. We got it up and running.

  22. You can currently find shark shock flower at zenleaf Cincinnati verilife Cincinnati and Bloom Cincinnati

  23. Get a TENS unit, ice pack and ibuprofen. Take a 1:1 CBD gummy and then have some kings mustache. Keep going with the therapy, don't let flare ups get you down. Get enough sleep and stretch your legs everyday. I have been dealing with bulging discs in my lower back for 35 years and finally went to PT earlier this year. My body feels better than it has for a long time.

  24. I bought four books last month and one of them was the book you suggested. The first book I read was from Dale Carnegie, released in 1936. The next one will be what you suggested.

  25. Was Dale Carnegie Buddhist? How does his book fit into the discussion? Just curious.

  26. I think something in the rules prevent them from combining different strains and batches but I'm not positive. They would have to at least include harvest, package, testing, etc information for each strain and batch. So many rules really just hurt the patient at the end of the day

  27. I didn't think of how long it would take to check out waiting on all those stickers they put on

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