1. Hey I had the same experience with my Chinese history professor.

  2. The level of detail and effort in this post suggests this isnt that… more like lots of comments that clearly show a lack of understanding that mega back door roths exist.

  3. Don't forget this sub being pretty anti real estate as a vehicle for FIRE

  4. I have no idea but this sub doesn't really embrace it very well.

  5. I understand the final "message" and all, but to me this is a very shitty way of raising a kid. It's borderline abuse in my opinion. You don't need to treat a kid like a soldier to make them tough enough to meet the world head on. You have to be a pretty fucked up person and/or just plain horrible to "teach" like this.

  6. Dude I watched the movie, I'm guessing it's similar to the play. At one-time maybe his character could be seen as sympathetic. But looking at it through a modern lense honestly he really sucks as a person.

  7. Thank you so much for your help and suggestions I'll definitely start watching organic chemistry on YouTube!

  8. I'm going to second his suggestion of Khan academy. I dropped out in 7th grade and didn't get my GED till I was 30. Honestly the GED is mostly 3 sections. Math, writing/English, and reading comprehension. I started at like the lowest level of math and just went from there. Don't get overwhelmed, learn test taking skills for the GED is just a test.

  9. As a mechanic the older generation is just fucking weird lol.

  10. Nasty shit all the time. All the chemicals used in cars is nasty shit and even if you are doing suspension work, road grime is nasty AF and I wouldn't be surprised if it caused cancer either.

  11. The other guy said he will but I'll say this. I've worked at both an IOU and Muni. If you get a chance go the muni route it's much better.

  12. I mean I'm not going to read the links. What do you want to do? Do that. Granted I didn't want to go into power and somehow I still ended up in this industry. But it's not bad to be honest.

  13. The CMOS books by Baker are always excellent.

  14. Thank you. It's a good resource but it's missing CMOS sequential circuits. If you know any book containing it. Please do tell.

  15. Birrieria Dimas is a great birria food truck, but they are mostly set up way North by Broadacres these days.

  16. What is everyone’s go to order at this place? I live a couple blocks away, have been two times in three years, and been sorely disappointed both times. It always seems relatively crowded and a line out the door in summer so I must be missing something…

  17. I usually just get coffee there.

  18. It is unrealistic to expect government any employees to be 100% all day at work.

  19. But he's totally okay with cops murdering folk

  20. Better have a Ding Chavez character in this movie.

  21. I bought an older house recently, in central Texas. It's a 3 bedroom ranch style house and seems like solar may be a good option. And I'm, lets say, solar-curious.

  22. Go with Tesla, by far the cheapest prices I've seen with good quality work. I think Elon is a fucking asshole but as far as solar they have the process dialed in.

  23. In your defense the farmers market kinda sucks and the food isn't great either.

  24. Free Dad Advice, buy them some underwear with their favorite cartoon characters printed on. Tell them this super special underwear is only for "big kids" who use the potty, because cartoons don't like getting dirty. My oldest boy was potty-trained in about a week.

  25. Could not have said it better myself. He's so bad the math department authorized a transfer out of his class after 5 weeks into someone else's class. Fuck that guy.

  26. Terrible is GROSSLY over exaggerating lmao. It had its flaws and it's fine to point them out but it had lots of fun stuff too. Just because you didn't like it does not make it automatically bad.

  27. He's probably the same type of guy that would bully a child actor.

  28. As organizations grow they become slower and less efficient this is a known thing that happens why is anyone surprised.

  29. I'm Iranian and let me tell you this : Most of these Saffron mountains you see in front of some stores in Bazaars are not actually real saffron and are just for decoration. No store owner leaves this much saffron outside of vacuumed packs because if you leave saffron in the open its quality will be decreased. If you ever wanted to visit Iran and wanted to shop in a Bazaar , do it with an Iranian you know or with a leader so you will be able to buy the good stuff. Unfortunately there are a lot of counterfeit and low quality stuff in the dried goods market in Iran and one the main reasons for this is the deterioration of the economy (but there are also many top of the line goods)

  30. Also the color is wrong it's too uniform

  31. Hey bro, I did this at the same age and I became an engineer. Khan Academy was gold but eventually I had to enroll in college as I wasn't getting it and needed to pick up the pace. Look at my really really old posts from like 7 to 8 years ago I asked similar questions here and other places on Reddit. Good luck.

  32. Did you have a degree beforehand? I’m thinking about going back to school (more or less starting from scratch) but already have a BA.

  33. Dude I never passed 7th grade, was a fuckin junior high dropout (would not recommend)

  34. This is just me but.. someone expected to live just to their 20’s shouldn’t go to high school. I get it, education blah blah. But life experience! That kid should be living life. Not sitting in school.. no reason he should be put in that situation in the first place. I wonder how it would work financially.

  35. Even if he does live longer who gives a fuck if he does what he's suppose to in gym. Fuck I remember power tripping teachers in school fucking with people for no reason.

  36. I weigh 122 pounds and can’t see well so I’ll be useless in every sense at that job

  37. You don't actually have to do security you just walk around as a paid set of eyes. Usually with other students.

  38. Usually when I saw them it was when the various buildings were shut down in the evening, making sure the library was empty shit like that. I always saw them in groups of two. But that's not too say that's always the case.

  39. not to mention that most of the comedy derives from the fact that he and his brother are selfish people who engage in bad behaviour because they lack the morals and ethics to behave decently

  40. I've been rewatching it recently. A lot of the bad behavior is from Frasier. His code of ethics only exists when it suits him.

  41. You are assuming all people buy a new mattress.

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