1. Yes. I worked at a complex with a huge Indian community. Let me tell you, some of them are dumb as rocks and they’re working jobs making six figures easy

  2. I wouldn’t really like it. But it would be nice to not have to deal with Yankee or Red Sox fans

  3. Intro on New Found Glory’s Catalyst album Fast Forward to 2012 by ADTR Storyteller by Such Gold

  4. Finding a Kecleon is a hard enough as it is. To have it be xxl and a nundo just makes it that much more rare. I walked around Disney for three days, checking soooooo many poke stops, and never found a Kecleon. A week later I finally got one right outside my neighborhood

  5. Is it just rare, or is it hard to get in a more unique way, like a Ditto or Zorua?

  6. When you check a poke stop you will see it’s outline. Tap it and it will appear and then tap it again until it jumps off the poke stop. Then spin the poke stop and exit out and it will spawn. To me that’s easier than finding a ditto because you can check a poke stop and know right away if it’s there or not. Maybe I’m unlucky, but I checked an insane amount of stops until I finally found one so it feels like it’s more rare.

  7. We need to go back to buying tickets at the box office and record stores. Bots, Ticketmaster, and everyone involved with ticket issues like this for any show can suck it

  8. Yes!!! It took me a minute to figure out the code so I’m not sure how but I did, very lucky. I hope they can’t take the tickets back if your not subscribed to AEG and just tried a bunch of them though. I also hope you have a better time getting them tomorrow :(

  9. What was the price after fees? I was looking at the tickets for Orlando and that’s on Ticketmaster do of course the fees shot the price up. Not sure if Ticketmaster owns AEG

  10. I got three and it was $188 in total but without fees it would’ve been $149, I think it was like $13 extra in fees each. I was hoping St Pete would be on ticket master because I thought their fees were less but I guess not?

  11. When I tried Ticketmaster for Orlando it was $46.50 each but after fees came out to $129 total. Definitely best to avoid Ticketmaster and I hope they break them up. They just had a hearing that was on cspan last week. Looked like everyone understood Ticketmaster needs some regulating

  12. Would it be wrong for me to keep all of this? I’m really confused on what to do.

  13. If this were a mom and pop shop I would feel bad and let them know. But if a huge company like Pokemon, Amazon, or Walmart messes up like this then that’s on them and their billions of dollars. They can easily fix it for whoever’s order got messed up and it won’t make a dent for anyone. I wouldn’t say anything

  14. Wonder if that one year was worth his marriage...

  15. I’m sure there were other issues contributing to the divorce

  16. Not really when he got up he could have yanked her away.

  17. Probably wouldn’t have done it quick enough. Could have put her in a spot where the plant isn’t covering her

  18. Yeah they stole the idea and made up their own with bs topics

  19. Yes but my thought is that I could always adopt and help out a kid who is already stuck here

  20. I saw them last year with Third Eye Blind. Adam was subjectively not good. He doesn't sound like he used to at all, and does some weird vibrato with his voice on every held note. The rest of the band were okay, but had their instruments tuned down several octaves to match with Adam's vocals. It was like hearing a bad TBS cover band. I just did not enjoy it at all. I can't comment on FOB because I've never seen them live.

  21. Yeah but that’s never been the point of their shows or any bands shows in this genre. I will say it makes it a lot more fun when it’s in a smaller setting because seeing a band like TBS or TSSF at an amphitheater makes it alot harder to get a good energetic feel that makes it fun

  22. I understand your first point, but I disagree with it to some extent. Some bands like blink-182 can get away with purposely being bad live, but I don't think TBS is that kind of band. That's just my opinion, though, everyone has different tastes. I did see them in an amphitheater and the crowd energy was non-existent, so that could have definitely been a contributing factor, as well.

  23. Yeah and it’s fair that’s not people’s thing, but over the last year or so it’s been a comment on every post about them plus some. It gets old. And I’m sorry for you to be the one I vent on when it really could have been one of the dozens of comments over the last few months

  24. This is for the new amphitheater outside and I don’t understand anything about the seating

  25. they have a GA vip “dance pit” for 125 and “platinum” seats i guess for different prices but you can’t see where the seats are located? the fuck🤣

  26. And when I tried differently priced tickets they both came up as Section 201. I was so stoked when I saw it was Coachman park and so bummed when I learned they’re building an amphitheater

  27. I had a pikachu v box with evolving skies boosters for sale at $25 and the bid went to $55…

  28. The blue one? I still see those all the time at target

  29. Do you still play Pokémon Go? I never really listened to this album. As a kid I loved Blink and ALK3. But I didn’t like Matt in Blink. I’ll have to check it out when I’m playing the classic Larvitar community day tomorrow. Some how I still play Pokémon Go, 6.5 years later

  30. I do and I can’t believe it’s been that long. There was a point where I was only opening it once a day for a minute and thought I was finally going to quit and then they did a farfetched event and continued with other events which got me right back into it. I’ve accepted I’ll play till they shut it off or I die

  31. I know what you mean. When I’m burnt out. I usually open up the game just catch one Pokémon, complete one task, and if I’m gonna be near a pokestop, to spin. And I keep it open whenever I’m driving just to get into gyms. If I didn’t have a job delivering food, I doubt I’d still be playing.

  32. It really comes in handy in situations like that. Waiting in lines and what not

  33. Give me that push I need! in the name of the holy ghost of Christmas future...Ima send it

  34. You’ll eventually rip it anyway. Might as well do it now

  35. I look forward to SSF every year, and this year I won’t be going. Really weak lineup IMO

  36. Alternatively the lineups before have always come up short for me. But this is top tier. It helps that it’s out of Orlando fairgrounds and now at Coachman Park which is beautiful

  37. The past few years for NJ have been at the Summer Stage in Asbury, which is really easy to listen to from the boardwalk/beach. Because of this the bands complained that they weren’t allowed to curse on stage, which is probably why they moved it to PNC. Kinda sucks because I was gonna maybe go and listen to TBS from the boardwalk lol

  38. We had that same issue in Tampa when I was a kid and I remember bands at warped tour bringing it up back then but seems like it’s not enforced anymore. Either that or the bands are taking the fine

  39. Sober will especially give me flashbacks to hunting down a Magmar

  40. I saw this posted somewhere on Reddit the other day. Or maybe twitter. Didn’t recognize Bregman though, apparently this guy did.

  41. The constant use of the N WORD costed him his career

  42. Not talking about Michael Richards. Wanted to clear that up in case anyone saw your comment and thought you meant that about Tim Meadows

  43. Had first pick in two leagues. Took Derrick Henry in one and JT in the other. I won one league and came in second to last in the other. You’ll never guess which league was which

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