1. "Light of my life, fire of my loins. Be a good baby, do what I want"-- always make me engage with the song. Lines that I can't resist singing along to.

  2. Can't believe you responded now. I left this sub when I got banned.

  3. Tbh I’ve never heard of these words before. Im from the US though so idk.

  4. Retard??? It's just a fucking word you can say it, it's not going to cause anyone physical harm

  5. She unfollowed Lana. Ari thinks she’s morally superior than lana when she change race every era

  6. I wouldn't interpret that as having beef. It's literally instagram.

  7. Well you made that post, which made me feel seen and heard and empowered enough to start vocalizing my opposition to Taylor too 🥹

  8. A knock on the door! It’s Lana in a red baseball cap carrying a typewriter.

  9. Did anyone else see the movie about this tour? It’s been so long since I’ve seen it but all I remember is the tour making her so exhausted. She was literally begging her people for a 5 minute nap before she was supposed to go on stage. I feel like it def shows here

  10. Lol me with the songs family tree & Gibson girl. Those songs hit but the rest bore me. Her aesthetic is so cool and unique

  11. Can't wait to see "Strange World is a criminally underrated Disney movie and deserves more love. I don't understand why it bombed." in 7 years.

  12. Honestly I feel like this has been the worst year so far... I thought it was gonna be amazing due to the fact they had to do in the UK past few years... This is awful

  13. Quite the opposite, this has been the best series in years for me. Helps that last years was possibly the worst of all time mind you, but still good this year by its own right.

  14. Same. Idk what is with peopls on this sub. I think they forgot about last year's one lol.

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