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Democrats Pick Up Senate Seat With Fetterman Win Over Oz: Networks

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  1. Tarke is obviously building a 60K a year enterprise after he stopped being a POE ADDICT.

  2. Just don’t let him reach lv 6 by zoning him and freezing. Or bait out ult post 6 then all in

  3. I enjoy documentaries as well! One of my favorite documents the corrupt American healthcare system and lengths people go to to afford it. It also shows the resiliency of the human spirit when pushed to the limit. You should watch it! It’s called breaking bad

  4. It's called cough reflex. The moment anything other than air and micro particles enters your windpipe, you will be coughing non-stop. I'm a doctor though.

  5. I pretend to be a doctor on the internet and I agree with this guy

  6. Spec ops the line. Super underrated game but goddam the ending hit hard

  7. My teachers were bit by dogs! Can I sue for illegal shoes?

  8. I mean if you high rolled all 3star 1 cost into 3star 2 cost into… all the way up to 3 star 5 cost while the challenger gets nothing, it is theoretically possible

  9. I mean furry/terrorist, what’s the difference? They both chose me in my nightmares

  10. What democracy was at stake. So the democrats can lie and say something is in peril without anyone on your side questioning it? You do realize all I see from the democrats is taking my money, treating criminals like they are the victim and the victims as criminals, completely fine with any political violence, allowed to deny elections and spout off conspiracies like it’s normal, etc. Any party that says another is a threat to the democracy is the one that is the threat.

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