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  1. Bought more. Felt sexy. 💎🙌🍌🦍🚀🌑

  2. U have to tell him how it makes u feel and to stop! A simple no thanks i dont want to drink tonight ahould be enough. Its no one’s business … but i always say “u dont have enough”. Then people laugh and we move on. Or well if we start umim gonna get fuked up and dnace naked on table. Yall dont want that do u? Lol

  3. The only way to avoid having 10 is stop having that first drink. U can have a life where u hang with others that drink and u choose not to. It is possible.

  4. Now is the time to be buying. When the masses are scared and thinking the world is ending is when u become rich. Not when everyone is telling u its the time.

  5. Yeah ummmm. Taking anything to change the way u feel is the exact opposite of “being sober”

  6. Like I’m not a total asshole. I feel bad for her but I have seen this cycle she goes through for years and not once has she really made an effort to stop anything. After dealing with my personal struggles to see someone use the term sobriety while on a ton of other drugs enraged me. I can’t help but feel like 1. She is doing it for attention 2. She is insulting everyone who is actually sober.

  7. Its weird right ? When i was first getting sober i didnt want to keep working out either. But i am back now and have been daily for 5 weeks in a row. Make getting sober #1. And the rest will work out in time.

  8. For my first 31 days sober I worked out every single day. On day 32 I just felt a wave of exhaustion hit me and I lost all of the motivation. It was discouraging at first, but I stayed focused on sobriety and let the motivation find it’s way back. It wasn’t until I hit three months that I started to feel energetic again. I have had a few rough nights of eating bad, but I’m grateful it was food and not alcohol.

  9. Lets not bring the idiocy or our elected officials into this… corruption at the highest levels all around the world.

  10. So buy more then. And HODL! Got it. Thanks.

  11. I didn’t do it right away I had to pick and choose my spots… But after a couple of months I was able to hang out with my old friends even if they were drinking and be totally part of the group. My true friends support me and my sobriety and they don’t push alcohol on me even if they are drinking… I hope your friends are the same way

  12. Most of them are but my close friend who I expected to support me the most keeps trying to push me to drink wine cuz I drank it earlier in the pregnancy. She even tries to invite me to the bathroom to watch her do a line. Will definitely have to distance myself

  13. Ummmm. Yeah. Thats not gonna work out. I am sorry. Its not easy but its worth it. I couldnt have done it with out AA. What ever u choose. Choose u. And sober living. You will be glad u did. 504 days now for me. We do recover. And we do learn how life is still fun. U will find yourself. I promise u. 🙌💗

  14. Either we are right or wrong in a major way. If u believe the DD there is only one thing to do.

  15. Everyone keeps hating on Citadel. Its not just them and the F3 stuff is def more than them.

  16. Its 1.5 billion in cash. U fuckrag. But thanks for your concern. I think i will buy more on Tuesday. Thanka for this.

  17. Recurring $200 on 1st and 15th through CS since October 21.

  18. Hadnt added since pre Splivy. It was time.

  19. "B*tch better like me, sent her ass to Cabo"

  20. All things change direction at some point. This is going to be one helluva squeezee. Lol

  21. Not a damn thing. Computershare gave DTCC the shares. Brokers were told to credit to share holders... this is a big nothing burger. As long as huge banks can F3 and create shares to sell short. Thats the bigger issue.

  22. To be more precise, Computershare allocated the stock dividend to the largest registered shareholder, Cede & Co, who holds those shares as a nominee for DTCC.

  23. Not everything is crime… algos are dumping tons of shares right now. GME included. There will be an epic short squueze on all stocks. When? Who knows. But aometime between now and 2024 lol

  24. Takes time. Did for me any way. I am coming up on 500 days soon and i feel totally different now about sober living and i dont have to avoid anything now. Give it time. Takes a min to even know who the real u is when u stop. Did for me anyway. I was always used to liquid courage and who i was drunk or high. Hang in there.

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