1. mah gawd, the replies in here. what do you think happens to EU members? Gay NATO soldiers storm your apartment and force you to eat 5G chips for dinner? lmao

  2. I live in Italy, amazing? Nah, it is only amazing for vacation, I'm planning to go abroad

  3. Are there any particular shortages of critical components for computers or softwares? Are domestic solutions being implemented? (In general) I'm not an IT guy, pardon my lingo

  4. Ok, thanks. Is there any effort by the government (in terms of investments, grants, subsidies) to make domestic products in these fields? Or at least limit their dependence on western products

  5. Okay, I take this back, he's not Evil Musk, he's Makarov from CoD: MW.

  6. Moscow had a movement in 00s and early 10s, a lot of them used to race at different locations near Yauza river, although at some point they switched locations to roads outside of the city since it was banned. Afaik there are still illegal events being held here and there but you have to be in scene to actually known where and when. Vladivostok has also been pretty big into drifting, Japanese influence and stuff.

  7. There are several teams and contests for street racers. It is not very popular, but there is a niche for that. Nowadays, young men are not risking to piss off the police much.

  8. Dude, I expect those modified cars to outrun the police forces any day

  9. Go disband. You will live well, but only for a very short time.

  10. Women don't know nothing about football, they only belong to the kitchen

  11. Government has been kind of soft on hackers in the past but lately they've been cracking down on them

  12. Why that assumption? Because we "can't" track ones?

  13. I thought the official Twitter account was meant to share the brand statements, though?

  14. Chelyabinsk - the inhabitants are so tough and rugged that Freddy Kruger is afraid of their schoolchildren.

  15. All I get from these comments is that everything bad that happened in Russia is because of the West damn son

  16. Well considering the cost required to supply the continuous supply of tritium, it’s incredibly expensive and you need a constant supply, Russia has a very small gdp so they likely aren’t spending the money on nuclear weaponry, as long as there’s a chance it’s enough to prevent a nuclear strike on them

  17. GDP measures the monetary value (in dollars) of final goods and services—that is, those that are bought by the final user—produced in a country in a given period of time, Russia is not know to deliver final services compared to china and the USA, Russia economy relies more on natural resources (are oil and gas finished products?) Those are essential. Let's take Twitter, it is worth over 40 billion dollars, but what does it provide? Can you eat Twitter or can you survive without Twitter? Ask yourself this questions. Plus many American companies are overvalued, in particular the tech one. What I'm trying to say, is that GDP is one of the indicators, look at the us debt (31 trillion dollars, how are they going to repay it?, I'm using the same logic, but that doesn't mean that the US is collapsing).

  18. My point was China already has 400 nukes. Building more than a few hundred is a total waste. And yes I'm including Russia and the US in that assessment. Hell most of Russias nukes probably don't work but we are still scared of the handful that do.

  19. Don't work lmao, what of assessment is that? Probably rosatom is even better than the failing and overated Westinghouse

  20. Sorry. you think the US government should have let people raid Congress?

  21. They were demanding some things, one ex soldier got shot in the head haha...dude I'm just kidding

  22. before our people did not know such a thing, but one good person showed us a bright path and now we are obliged to kiss the stomach of some boy at least once every 24 hours, otherwise you will be imprisoned in a labor concentration camp of death. now you know a little more about our country and culture

  23. Please explain more, so i can fully comprehend what's going on in russia regarding semiconductor and stuff

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