1. Hudson Fasching has made our 4th line so much more effective. It's ridiculous

  2. Is he coming back to the booth full time? I think he had another health issue

  3. yeah he had bladder cancer but I believe the cancer was removed and he's in remission. He's coming back for 125 games this season

  4. getting an error for "too many images" but this site is a beauty.

  5. If fighting is going to be outlawed after a huge hit (clean or not, the players may not know in the moment) then when would fighting even be allowed?

  6. You can do it, just call the instigator

  7. they call it more over the past 2 seasons. But answering for a big hit is as old as hockey.

  8. No because the entire quote is taken out of context. Lou was asked what the terms of the contract were, not what he thought of the terms. Lou made a joke

  9. every reporter got the joke in the moment, I can't believe its still being talked about

  10. Isles don't give up a short handed goal to Tampa in game 7 a couple of years ago. They win and end up winning a cup

  11. I was listening to Paramore and my daughter said "Taylor Swift Dupe!"

  12. Checked in on the devils game to watch Beau. He looked good, skating hard, was playing with Pettersson.

  13. Outside of a great rookie season, Sorokin is not very good in a shootout.

  14. There is a Dortoni Bakery on 25A in port jefferson now. Good little bakery but honestly I make the trip to Alpine instead

  15. Damn what did Brock and Ilya say to him at the asg?!

  16. "Lou said you have done enough pretending we didn't talk contract before the trade."

  17. I just checked the Islanders on SalaryCap, it is bonkers how many of their fowards are overpaid, but all the D-men are on fantastic deals. Like, how does that disparity happen?

  18. Imo outside of Dobson and suddenly Aho we don't get a lot of offense from our D. I think that prevented them from looking for higher end contracts.

  19. Curious to know, as an isles fan did Toews ever show that offensive ability before he wound up with the avalanche? I'm being lazy and not looking up stats or transactions, but why would they have moved on from him when they so badly need offensive defencemen?

  20. Yes, in that he drives offense by carrying the puck. But he never has really put up big numbers. Dobson has provided more offense than Toews ever did.

  21. Shoutout the islanders fan in the contract thread saying this extended there window and made them a threat long term, my brother in Christ you just gave up a future long term window built around Dobson, Barzal and Sorokin for like two years of maybe making the playoffs.

  22. You think Raty and a first is what was standing between us and a long term window?

  23. Well idk you guys hyped him up as the next 2C for a while so who knows lmao, this draft class is deep though. The islanders are expected to pick between 16-20, so that could be a hell of a player. We’ll see

  24. Why would Horvat leave Vancouver to sign a long term deal with NYI? Their prospect pool and team is meh

  25. Do players really consider prospect pools when signing an extension? I'm really not sure

  26. Fall Out Boy related internet history.

  27. Anyone ever been injured from an all star game?

  28. Rick Dipetro got injured during the skills competition. Shooting the puck in a goalie challenge.

  29. So what’s occurring for those in the rink right now? Those poor saps

  30. The way the avs season is going in glad for that padding around the boards

  31. does anyone have an updated list of all hardest shots in the NHL this season? Around December I believe Tage and Pulock were in the lead, both over 100mph

  32. I may start listening just because that podcast is so damn good.

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