1. No way... that's all flavor for future cooks!

  2. I'm driving through the ice storm in Arkansas and making it between little rock and Munroe, LA, with one stop in between, is a little tight. No heat, 65 mph, scoped out hotels (and camp grounds) that offer level 2 charging along the way, just in case.

  3. In a pinch just get behind a semi, especially if there is a headwind.

  4. You just want to let it simmer far longer than feels necessary until the watery part dries out and it starts to brown in the oil that's left.

  5. Shouldn't be that much different than cooking ground beef.

  6. It is different. If you cooked ground beef that long it would be way over cooked.

  7. The process is not that different. Yes, maybe longer.

  8. I got this message as well following upgrading to 16.3. I had upgraded to new architecture on 16.2 (before it was pulled) and location based automations broke for my GF.

  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeKit/comments/10op7hy/i_get_this_notification_daily_but_everything_is/

  10. Yes. I confirmed family member (on Family Watch) automations were not working and was getting this message. After subsequent removal and addition, they are working now.

  11. Did you get this working? I'm on iOS 16.2 and stand alone (Family Member) watch on OS9 but still no go. Thanks!

  12. Yes, but it was when the new HomeKit architecture was available to upgrade to. Apple has temporarily disabled that. I now have a second Family Watch working as well, and location based automations work with those watches.

  13. Recommend using the free app Data Jar for storing the interim calculations before writing to a file.

  14. Longshot... but try sending the invitation to her phone number. Worked for me in a similar situation except with a cellular Apple Family Watch that wouldn't join. The invitations were coming through on an iPad signed into the same iCloud account.

  15. That’s pretty easy. You can modify the text message or send a street address but not live tracking for location sharing.

  16. Maybe throw in a “Change Playback Destination” to send the music to AirPods.

  17. Meater is trash. Just threw mine out because I’m tired of returning them. I tried 3 different ones and none would connect or work. Total garbage.

  18. My wife just wasted $100 on one of those pieces of shit and I of course can't say anything. I swear she types stuff in Google and clicks the first ad at the top of the search results.

  19. Use another older phone or iPad as and you can be as far away on your phone as long as you've got wifi with Meater cloud.

  20. Have had a Meater for years. Love it. Bought them for friends and family. Only one that stopped working the base was rained on / got wet.

  21. This was the first thing I noticed after the update. Huge speed improvement for nav/routing/map tile loading.

  22. Not only do I agree with this, practically everyone I talk to about Netflix thinks the same thing.

  23. I don't think Tesla is entirely to blame here. They are using "Apple Music on the Web" which is very limited. I tweeted about it to try and raise attention, and recommend everyone submit Apple Feedback:

  24. Tesla needs to stop writing these apps themselves, they’re not very good at it. Release an SDK and let the companies do it themselves.

  25. I don't think Tesla is entirely to blame here. They are using "Apple Music on the Web" which is very limited. I tweeted about it to try and raise attention, and recommend everyone submit Apple Feedback:

  26. But the issue remains that the only location I can use for work is at the entrance, and to actually reach where I work I cover up my home in the range circle 🤦‍♂️. I may just have to keep it as is and hope they add more functionality to setting times on focus modes

  27. When you *first* set a location for focus mode, you can adjust the size of the location radius/circle, and you don't need a POI, you can also use an address.

  28. wrong camera button. that is for viewing recording, not watching the live surrounding cameras.

  29. Exactly! ...but if you keep this button in shortcuts while driving, you can press it to record a clip. You will have to fix that little red X problem first (corruption, USB not installed, etc.)

  30. The first two parts of that should be doable with the actions provided in home automations. You could then use something like Pushcut to deliver the notification to your phone—set up the notification in the Pushcut app on your device, and then use the Get Contents of URL action in the home automation to fire the webhook for that notification.

  31. I’ve never been a fan of Pushcut even as a power user. I use Pushover or Controller for HomeKit for these types of notifications.

  32. YNAB users “should” (by design) enter all transactions manually, even if automatic import is turned in. Import is more a useful tool to catch missed entries.

  33. You don’t have to be running the beta. Just type applefeedback:// into the Safari address bar.

  34. edit: I figured it out. For an not professional programmer, chat is waay better.

  35. Type “please continue”. It can be flaky though.

  36. How utterly embarrassing for LastPass and it's CEO.

  37. Changing your master password doesn’t change the fact that the hackers have the encrypted data files. If you have a weak/re-used master password, it could be brute forced and they have all of the info.

  38. They can try to de-crypt the data "blob" that was obtained from now until eternity.

  39. Based on the comments about people not using mirrors, I see why every other post is about curbed wheels and hit X.

  40. Perhaps everyone does not realize that you can view the side cameras in reverse as well as the backup camera, but you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

  41. I currently do this with model 3. We have a couple phones setup with the app but not as a key. Therefore those phones only can unlock the car but cannot be used to drive. So basically install the app on the phone but don’t setup the phone as a key using the card.

  42. You can use the app to start and drive the car without pairing as key... Under Controls, Start.

  43. Are you looking for purely expense, tracking or more of a budgeting software? I use YNAB and it can be accessed with some some shortcuts natively but more fully with API support that you can use in Shortcuts.

  44. Matter means “homekit compatible”, “alexa compatible” & “google compatible” all together. Same protocol for all 3. New products will for sure prefer the matter protocol.

  45. Good description. If you have no intent to use Alexa or Google systems and only HomeKit, I would not wait.

  46. Just to clarify, I don’t want to send a message via Messages, but send it through Sony’s PS App. The PS App is available via the Share Sheet from other apps for quickly sending things via the PS App. That’s the only thing that made me think perhaps it would be possible to say “when text received, send message to user X thru PS App”.

  47. Sorry. While you can start shortcuts when messages are received (edit: with confirmation), you also have to individually select contacts that will start the automation. Theoretically, you could select everyone in your phonebook or just certain contacts.

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