[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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  1. The title, or the question, has nothing to do with insulting people (?)

  2. They idolize men, that was my biggest concern. I’ve spent the past few months discussing doctrine with an Eastern Orthodox member and I consider him a brother in Christ.

  3. Well you're wrong and right. You could interpret scripture but, that doesn't mean you'll be right all the time.

  4. I’m saying both Paul and Augustine can be misinterpreted, so why not just read the scripture? Outside of their perishes being beautiful, I couldn’t become a Ortho. It’s too close to idolatry. And they ask you to shut your mind off and accept their way of doing things. Protestantism has their flaws of course but at least I’m able to question. If I question Augustine or any other “church father”, they’ll call me a heretic and disassociate from me.

  5. I thought you were just lying about the whole thing but, it seems you were serious about it.

  6. No, i don't like it, i enjoy things far more fucked up than incest. Unlike things i like, incest is not only okay in the work of fiction, but is pretty harmless and somewhat acceptable in real life.

  7. Sadly rape victims of any gender do not get justice almost ever. This is one of the things where men and women are "equal".

  8. This isn't true. Women are more likely to be given justice, even in cases where the "victim" lied about the suspect.

  9. How many rapists actually get punishment? Go to jail? Almost none if any. Women go through hell just to even file a complaint and then nothing happens, no one cares. Nobody cares if women or men get raped. Both will get shit from it.

  10. https://www.ussc.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/research-and-publications/quick-facts/Sexual_Abuse_FY21.pdf

  11. Bird looks mad........like it was your fault he fell in the water.

  12. Please don't die of heatstroke, it is too hot to wear bulky things.

  13. I just want them to know Christ if they don’t. I know I’m a sinner too. I am evil beyond all measure. But thanks the to God through Christ that he has saved me from my sin!

  14. I feel you. I'm in the same boat. I want them to find Jesus too. You are a new creation though after being saved, so you need not be condemned of past sins. You are free in Jesus name. :)

  15. Sounds like you’re filled with hate and your friends have the right idea.

  16. When I look at what Nick was It makes me sad he had so much going for him and he could’ve made it so far in life. The worst part is that it makes me think if someone like Nick is where he’s at know compared to what he was like back then could the same thing happen to me?

  17. I'm pretty sure, as a lot of other people have noticed, that he is depressed. And to do "self [email protected]", he does it by eating himself towards death. Even his boyfriend is getting overweight now and is unhappy. They both are toxic to each other as well if you look at his recent videos.. It's really sad

  18. I disagree. I only disagree because of the way people go about honoring her. I feel respecting her is enough.

  19. We celebrate celebrities all the time we shouldn’t we can venerate the blessed mother although it is true some Catholics place her above Jesus it is wrong to say she saves us or grants salvation

  20. One night when I was at his house he was freaking out on me and acting like a child over something, so I left. When I got home, he had sent me multiple paragraphs insulting me and shit.

  21. That last part is concerning, please be careful. Probably better to get the police involved if he ever shows up again.

  22. OP said no personal experiences as well.

  23. Natural theology is about finding God outside of religious teachings. Like science.

  24. You realize the contradiction, right? How incredibly impossible this is to answer. Religion is passed down and explained through books, stories, and experiences. The book of said religion explains the existence of what the followers believe. If you take away what they believe and then ask what they believe, you’re left with nothing. You understand that right?

  25. But this doesn't take into account natural theology and all the theological arguments for God's existence.

  26. Girls suck. I'm sorry you didn't have any genuine support from your long time friends.

  27. Girls don't suck. Those people were not true friends and were jealous.

  28. Well, because it goes against my beliefs. Now, I don't hate people, hating someone would be avoiding them without any other valid reason except them being in the community. They deserve respect and I don't mind being friends at all. But, it doesn't change how I feel about the lifestyle. Regardless of what I think, people are going to do what they want. So. And I don't force my opinion down other people's throats. I only would tell someone if they asked me directly, because this is a sensitive topic.

  29. “It goes against my beliefs” is not a valid argument

  30. This isn't an argument in the first place. It asked why you are anti-lgbtq+.

  31. To be a Christian is to live a miserable life and getting mad at others for having fun. Enjoy that! Enjoy that while I enjoy vahalla or eternal sleep

  32. Being Christian doesn't mean a miserable life. I've had much more fun being Christian than being in the world. It isn't fun to get drunk and feel horrible after, get addicted to drugs to numb pain, or have a baby cause you wanted 5 mins of pleasure.

  33. Just sand down the oven a little with a belt sander. All good. :)

  34. You can’t cut granite. They took it out of the ground that way. The oven can obviously be sanded down though.

  35. Not trying to be rude about it. I just know the concept is confusing

  36. You could just say God. Saying "them" makes it seem like you think God is three different entities

  37. See I thought I was alone in having this desire of being the only one my partner desired for.

  38. This this this!! Ever since I was little!! I just wanted to be the only one my partner could ever want 🥺😭

  39. Exactly!! Like before I even knew porn existed, I thought you just would need your partner and love them only.

  40. The one on the left is darker and cooler in hue while the one on the right is lighter and warmer in hue.

  41. How about putting their love for their neighbor, before their love for God?

  42. You said and I quote "you could meet people and have confidence without it." When for many others there is a barrier. I have a lot of close personal friends that were and are alcoholics and they say the most addictive part is the confidence that comes with it. So yeah it can be addictive if abused no shit. But just saying meet people and have confidence is on the level of saying "think happy" when someone is depressed. It comes off completely wrong when put that way.

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