1. Or…they are in a gang and it’s an initiation and you are about to get murdered…

  2. My mom made sure I got that email forward to keep me safe all those years ago…

  3. If you're at Texas A&M, it can ONLY be TAMU gear.

  4. The smaller the school, the more important it is to wear that school's brand and not any others.

  5. As someone with degrees from big schools who is now teaching at a small school, I really like this idea. I don't think I even own any clothing from my school (I'm also a fifth-year adjunct...), but I might try to pick something up to "support the team," so to speak.

  6. With X-Files I don’t really consider anything after season 5. That’s when they did the movie and it didn’t have the same feel after that for me

  7. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  8. Every time a variation of this question is asked, your first point is the correct answer.

  9. I've been playing about the same, but gave up organizing my town awhile back, it's just a mess now until I want to spend like 8 hours rebuilding after a nuke

  10. Same. My first child was born five years ago and it’s pretty clear when I stopped having time to organize/design my town.

  11. https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/2229-three-reasons-kindergarten-cop

  12. Ride the Ferris wheel next to some guy trapped in a cave (has anyone checked on him to see how he’s doing lately?), go to a wild jazz club where Fred (who looks an awful lot like Bill Pullman) plays “Red Bats with Teeth,” or try to sneak into Alcatraz while animatronic Sean Connery and Nicholas Case banter along the way.

  13. Hear me out. A clear iPhone would be dope.

  14. Around $50 for Plain Archive’s Om Shanti Om, but half of that was the shipping cost.

  15. Armageddon. It is a shit Michael Bay movie that makes no sense and has scenery chewing all over and I am there for every minute of it

  16. It’s the most Michael Bay-ey Michael Bay film, so if you’re going to do it, you may as well go all the way.

  17. Have you tried playing the disc in a player (or player app?) If all that you’re saying is correct, it could be possible that it’s actually a DVD with HD labeling.

  18. How difficult is it to replace the battery? I’ve got Zelda 1&2, DW 1-3, Shadowgate, Uninvited, et al.

  19. Not this has ever been a reason before, but the three-disc release of Avatar had three cuts of the movie plus two discs of very extensive supplements. I can’t imagine what they could do to improve on the release.

  20. Soderbergh mentioned a box set of his smaller films was coming a year or two ago and I haven’t seen anything about them since.

  21. Red hat and shirt, blue pants… that could be intended to be Mario with the little space they had.

  22. My roommates and I rented The Royal Tenenbaums when we were in college. We'd heard the film was funny and just sat there, confused. I think I burst out laughing when Dudley says "that car has a dent in it," though I couldn't explain why I laughed.

  23. I met my wife on eHarmony. She’s got a masters, I was getting my MFA at the time. But that was over ten years ago, so I don’t know what the status of the site is anymore (I notice it hasn’t been mentioned on here yet…)

  24. The N64 was a technological marvel in how much hardware they exposed to the programmers for use. Emulating it and mimicking it's various intricacies and quirks will always be hit or miss.

  25. So what I’m hearing is that I’m going to have a hard time getting GoldenEye to work right…

  26. Thanks for the tip! Am I right in not seeing any Olive Signature titles on the site?

  27. Napoleon Dynamite — not a micro budget, but 400,000 is definitely small compared to its ~$45 million gross

  28. I worked on that while I was in college. We thought the script was funny and I was hoping I would be able to pick it up in the bargain bin at the grocery store one day. I didn't imagine it would become what it did (and that it would be referenced twenty years later...)

  29. I haven't seen Following (1998) mentioned yet. It was Christopher Nolan's first film and he was pretty much the whole crew. The shot it on weekends since he and the actors all had full-time jobs. Wikipedia says the budget was $6,000 and I'm guessing most of that was for film stock and processing.

  30. Like pretty much everything on Reddit, only the outliers and extraordinary post their finds. If people posted every time they went to Goodwill and DIDN'T find something, you'd think it was the biggest waste of time to even drive there.

  31. If I remember my history classes correctly, it's generally believed that the further back you go, the less reliable the document is. This is compounded further if it's an oral history, if the text has been translated, or if the recorded events are political in nature.

  32. There’s the saying that “history is a set of lies we all agree upon.” That’s not entirely the case—a lot of history is built on facts—but it’s good to keep in mind.

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