1. Yeah I just use 7 didn’t bother with 8 heard it had to many problems

  2. What’s a realistic expectation for this guy? A lot of players have come over from the khl with a lot of hype and never lived up to it.

  3. I hate those stupid cut scenes with the interactions with the other players so cheesy and means nothing, and James sobalski or whatever his name is constantly talking is annoying too. I want to be immersed into the game, but it’s just unnecessary and repetitive. BAP needs a serious overhaul. I can’t believe they removed playing a full season on juniors too. Pure laziness. They will not get any money from me. Also it’s not exciting knowing you’ll get drafted by only two teams.

  4. Ooo McDonald’s!! Is that why he looks so strung out and weird all the time?

  5. He’s gotta find a way to pay for those Big Macs three times a day.

  6. With gas prices the way they are I ended up getting a gen 3 Prius.

  7. Ty Yes im gonna use it for pizza delivery. Used car prices are insane right now its hard to find a decent deal. I just want something reliable.

  8. I seriously doubt that. When James was 13 all these bands were popular. He definitely hates 90s music and most of stuff from the 90s. I doubt those 5 years would have made a difference. He's obsessed with the 80s.

  9. Ya why is he such a 90s hater. He acts like he never saw any of the awesome 90s cartoons. He probably had no time.

  10. He was too busy watching monster movies from the 1930s. He has seriously used that as an excuse before. Mike once asked if he ever seen the Lion King and he said he missed it when it came out because he was too busy watching horror movies. He said he didn't watch wrestling for the same reason.

  11. Maybe valve body issue. In the transmission. They are known for it. It will flare rpms between shifts and sometimes can down shift extremely hard. Usually only happens when trans fluid is at full operating temps.

  12. Ok thank you. How expensive generally is it to fix this issue?

  13. Why did he want that air plane attendant to touch his penis so bad?

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