Support for Scottish independence rises to 56% after Supreme Court ruling

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  1. The intro to new vegas has laser pistols in the hands of two of the Legionaries who run past the screen

  2. There's plenty of influential Argonians, it's just that their society has been pretty insular and often been victimised by others which has prevented them from taking on their full potential, similar to the Orcs who have to endure getting fucking sacked every other century lol.

  3. I wouldn't really put Red Bramman on the same scale as the Tribunal or Syrabane, those guys are kinda God's so in a league of their own along with old Tiber, but there are Argonians who have been influential on Tamriellic history still. If Red Bramman does count, then I think the fighters guild master from ESO would count too, as should should Glim from the Keyes Novels, and Hazidir, Katariah's armourer.

  4. It's probably not really that embarrassing for the border force if you think about; If I'm remembering correctly from the reporting a few days ago, there are 1000 striking border staff, while 600+ soldiers and 700+ civil servants have been trained to replace them. So that would suggest 300 more staff, a 30% increase in the work force.

  5. I'm confused as to how Reem Alsalem can be taken seriously as the UN's special rapporteur on violence against women if she doesn't give a shit about an entire category of women (in this case trans women). Imagine if there was someone who had that role who was incredibly open about the fact that they didn't care about violence towards black women or violence towards lesbians.

  6. What kind of insane troll logic leads one to refuse to give empirical evidence and say "Nah you wouldn't understand because of your sex lol"

  7. They don't fit with the way any of the half caster full caster etc stuff was explained to me, where its about spell slot progression and multiclassing. Paladins for example are half casters because they count for half a spellcaster level.

  8. Do you realise the implications of remaining in a legally-binding Union, where your nation's needs and desires will always be outvoted, out and come second to the South-East of England?

  9. I don't really like this way of looking at it tbh. This is not Scotland getting outvoted by South East England, this is the electorate picking one party over another. Land and nations and all that don't vote, after all, people do.

  10. Yeah it was 2 v 2. But then, only when we use those very specific lines, and when then we're placing the lines where we want, we can portray the outcome almost however we wanted

  11. If you don't pay someone what they price their goods or service that you want to receive, then you probably aren't going to receive it. I can't go into tesco, pick up something worth a tenner, give them a fiver and say 'How can you justify this?!' when they refuse to make the sale and don't give me what I want.

  12. What happens if Scotland just says fuck you, we're independent?

  13. In that unlikely situation it's possible that such a massive result would shock the UK into considering it a lost cause and conceding, or could drive international pressure to force the UK government to concede or save face by offering a legal referendum they now know they'll lose, but it's really not uncommon to my knowledge for governments to hold out against UDIs that have high levels of support until forced out and forced to acknowledge the new reality, and even then they can sometimes enforce a legal limbo situation on the international stage by refusing to recognise its independence and continuing to claim it as their own territory (which causes a slew of serious diplomatic problems that can really screw over the new country in question)

  14. The Russians have proposed this resolution every year for like a decade, and Belarus is chummy with Russia. With that in mind, no prizes for guessing why Belarus votes for this yearly, and why Russia's opponents abstain or vote against yearly.

  15. I feel like people often underestimate just how massive the European Union is because its a collection countries that just look pretty small on a map.

  16. Ah yes of course I'm being selfish because I want the planet to be livable for everyone. Your argument is just bad because the people in developing nations have the most of all to lose from climate change. If they continue to burn coal and oil then everyone loses... perhaps there might be a nuanced way where we support them to skip a dirty industrialisation and make all the mistakes that we did that are currently screwing them over.

  17. Yep, climate change is projected to hurt the common people and developing countries, and especially the common people in developing countries, the most. There are things that we can do to help those places and those people, but making their lives exponentially worse down the line is very definitely not it lol.

  18. What a crock of shit, you can't even get the talking points right. UN boundaries being pushed closer to Russia? Lmao.

  19. It is a shame Andrew Neil left I think he is the best we have in this country and it would have been great with him at the helm.

  20. Oh please, people hate it because its the British fox news and will import all the destruction of the concept of truth that its American counterparts has wrecked on that country. They've already got people acting like it. "Metro centric mainstream media" What a buzz word salad that is.

  21. NCR practices a policy of shipping tribals off to reservations to 'teach them' how to be civil according to Cass. Caesar's entire policy involves enslaving tribals into his army because he considers them so backwards and 'pissant' that he can mould them as he wills. The Enclave viewed everyone outside the Enclave as backwards mutants to be purged. The Boomers look on all outsiders as 'savages'. The list goes on, I'm sure, including the discrimination towards ghouls and mutants you mentioned.

  22. You can't slaughter something that isn't alive. Killing a synth is the same as killing my car when I turn the ignition off.

  23. There's no reason to believe your car may have conscious experience, so it's a poor comparison. Whether the term "kill" is strictly applicable is a matter of semantics based on what definitions you're using, but the action of permanently terminating an apparently self aware machine intelligence and permanently terminating an apparently self aware biological intelligence surely carry the same moral weight. I can't see why the building materials of the body should really change anything there.

  24. Third gen synths are reprogrammable meat puppets. Not living beings.

  25. We are reprogrammable meat puppets too, so I'm not sure that disqualifies them from being living beings.

  26. Could be have travelled many, many miles to try and sneakily get a diagnosis and medical treatment from people aligned with his enemies who have no reason to want to help him if they work out who he is? Possibly. Was that likely to work out well for him? Probably not, there's far too much that could go wrong. What if they recognise him and sell him out? What if they refuse to treat outsiders and leave him to die? What if he doesn't survive the journey? Etc

  27. An unelected man who believes he was chosen by God and has no mandate versus a woman whose "election" by the tory membership is more akin to selection by an oligarchy, and who also has no mandate.

  28. Where's all the anti-royalists now who would prefer that prliament have complete control of the country?

  29. Here. I'd still prefer we don't have a monarchy, just I think it's abolition should coincide with wholesale reform of the entire democratic system.

  30. If we're talking the Fallout New Vegas depiction, it's 480. In the Roman Legion it would be around 5,200 men, sometimes 6,000.

  31. That's a cohort. The Legions largest organisational unit is the cohort of 480 combatant men, composed of centuries of 80 combatant men, composed of tent groups of 8 combatant men. They can send multiple cohorts to deal with something, but that's how the army is broken down.

  32. You've got the right of it really, it's pretty much just a wasteland rumour, there's no good evidence for us to believe all ghouls will turn feral. We don't even know what causes people to turn feral to begin with.

  33. Wouldn’t doors with locks just be a better solution?

  34. I've been wondering about this for a while, particularly in re the bathroom issue. It occurred to me one day that like, why not just make every toilet like the disabled toilets building have, a self contained room. Make a dozen of those instead. Make it open into someone public so nobody can lurk to ambush someone else or whatever. The same arguments seem to be applicable to changing rooms.

  35. Separating males from females is normal all over the globe for a reason: male on female violence is more common than female on female. Sec retly recorded toilet and changing room videos sell well online sadly. Separation will not prevent all but it creates a barrier where perverts know they can be questioned and thrown out of.

  36. It's an attempt to solve the problem (though I suspect the separation between men and women globally and historically has more regressive reasons wrapped up in it too, given historically more than a few major cultures considered women on their period to be impure and unworthy of sharing space with men while menstruating, and many places are still sadly way behind the times on shit like this), but I don't think it's a very good attempt if reducing sex crime is our goal; again, it does nothing to prevent same sex directed sex crimes (not even from just same sex attracted people. I remember high school all too well, people would look over the top of the cubicle all the fucking time) and what about the issues it causes transmen and the transwomen? Even straight women could secretly record another woman to sell it online, since there's a strong financial motive in that case. I doubt it really stops that many crimes occurring at all to be honest, it more likely just gives people a false sense of security.

  37. Big isildur not throwing the ring into mount Doom vibes here.

  38. "Quickly, cast FPTP into the fire! Destroy it!" "... No." "STARMER!" "The two party system is mine."

  39. Homer Simpson voice: Impossible so far!

  40. I feel like that clip should be played at the resignation of every Tory Pm these days.

  41. A labour government would bring back the cover up of massive child grooming gangs Never forget this shit started with them It was their Mps telling victims of the Rotherham child rape gangs to shut their mouths for the sake of diversity

  42. What does Rotherham even have to do with any of this? Talk about being stuck with 2015s talking points.

  43. Labour councils were detrimental in helping cover up the rapes of thousands of white girls...would you vote in a nazi government knowing they'd committed the mass genocide of the Jewish people...stop trying to brush it under the rug they've a long list of misdeeds that should keep them from running thr government

  44. Do you think maybe there's a difference between a systematic policy of genocide permeated through every level of government and orchestrated from the top down, and the crimes of councillors from a local council, when it comes to assessing the guilt and viability of a wider political party?

  45. I wonder how people think we got to the five day week to begin with, given they all seem to believe changing the working week is just impossible...

  46. But many people DONT have a five day working week, the days have nothing to do with their work, the hours do.

  47. I get that, but most people, they work more than 32 hours, so I don't see how that's a problem. I believe it'd also be a substantial improvement to overtime law just generally too, since it would seemingly institute time and a half as a minimum standard. In practice, wages would also need to rise though if people were to cut back to 32 hours.

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