1. Sure we can link up over at Prankcast. What’s the url?

  2. They updated the app yet again on the App Store today and the new version now works on 14.8 so I guess this is solved.

  3. Any luck with this OP? I have no idea which plist file to edit like

  4. They have now updated the app on the App Store again today and the new version works on 14.8 Go figure.

  5. No. I’m lost. I tried looking at the file in a text editor and saw where it said the minimum iOS and it was below mine so I don’t think editing will work.

  6. You inspired me to make a video:

  7. I have one that I opened and messed around with one time. Now it’s just sitting on my desk.

  8. Yes, it’s mybloxx. Changing to the nofb profile in the app settings should resolve the issue.

  9. The illness and death of my mother. I’ve had problems with insomnia for years, but it became much worse when my mother fell ill with lung cancer and I had to slowly watch her suffer and wither away over a span of months. I was searching for anything to help me sleep and to keep the anxiety away. It worked for a bit and I got some sleep I never would have been able to get otherwise. After my mother passed, I continued to smoke to deal with the pain of the loss. I honestly think it made my anxiety worse because I used it to make myself numb to emotions and now have a hard time dealing with everyday situations. I’ve never dealt with anxiety on this high of level before. I’m sure everything is a contributing factor, but I also feel like I smoked way too much and too often that it had more of a negative effect than a positive effect. If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t use it or any drug to help deal with grief.

  10. Don’t think so, but I’ve heard her mom has got it going on.

  11. I’m not exactly sure, but I feel as though it has potential. Perhaps audience participation could lend a hand.

  12. I have a projector and a 33 foot diagonal inflatable movie screen. I live in Western Kentucky about an hour and a half from Nashville. Provide a space and some power and I’m willing to do a screening nearby weather permitting. Let’s make it happen!

  13. I have a projector and a 33 feet diagonal inflatable movie screen. I live in Western Kentucky about an hour and a half from Nashville. I’d be willing to screen this somewhere in a big field somewhere weather permitting if someone can provide the space. I know it’s colder this time of year, but possibly in the spring. I say make the screening free and accept donations. Let’s make it happen.

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