deadmau5 - XYZ

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  1. why just listening to it & was wondering and asking the same question! absolute banger!

  2. errors in my bread is way better. still love both tracks though.

  3. That’s so pretty! I’ve never seen that particular design. Did she have it custom made?

  4. yes it’s custom made! yeah i gave her a big hug lol

  5. it’s a laser cutter, i have no idea how did she find one & no it’s not from Zytara

  6. HR 8938 Cephei is extremely underrated in my opinion.

  7. this is some of the funniest shit i’ve seen on this subreddit lmao

  8. Am I in the minority that thinks otherwise? I love the cleaned up mix

  9. yes i think it’s a cleaner version. still love the old one though.

  10. i think because it’s unreleased. but that won’t stop it from being one of his best tracks ever!

  11. Never said it wasn't. You feeling better now,pointing it out in such an elaborate and constructive way?

  12. Has he ever released anything that became a different song that he already released?

  13. i think he means the 16 minutes version.

  14. i personally love the whole album lol they all sound amazing to my ears

  15. this is so hard to guess lol yay cubase 2nd edit?

  16. it also looks like it’s radiohead related in some way

  17. He deleted the video he had on instagram of this NFT.. 👀

  18. Probably my favourite deadmau5 song of the last decade.

  19. I hope “XYZ” doesn’t mean it’s the last track he’s gonna drop

  20. man that looks hideous i though the picture glitched for some reason

  21. Errors in my head is an unreleased version with vocals from another classic song. Go check it out and tell me what you think

  22. oh i did not know. sounds cool though. however, the released version still sounds better to me

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