1. I’m not 100% sure but I think that’s the barstool guy who lives up paddy’s ass. If I’m correct and that is him, then I agree with you completely

  2. I guarantee your opinion would’ve been different before Saturday

  3. No we do not agree... what makes you think he is better than Hill? Glover dominated Jiri for 4 and a half rounds and Hill dominated Glover the entire fight.

  4. I guarantee your opinion would’ve been different before Saturday

  5. From all the main events to have been announced so far I would go

  6. Yes of course. He’s the heavyweight 🐐

  7. If he does come back I really hope he’s a good character for Sonia and not out to get her. She deserves a good story and I’d love to see her become a solid matriarch figure for the square.

  8. I think he will be good to Sonia, potentially ending up in a proper relationship later down the line. I doubt he’s out to get her, he seemed like a nice bloke.

  9. I hope so. From what we saw of him he seems like a nice guy

  10. Look it up on YouTube if you’re that interested

  11. You know what would be really good for your health, just don't smoke

  12. This fantastic life advice has actually been downvoted 🤣

  13. If you read the perk description you’ll find out 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. You do that. Not like it will affect them in anyway. Only inconveniencing yourself when you want to watch some fights

  15. Give him a break, he’d essentially just been hit by a truck

  16. Like i said, the reports are of it being for ufc 285 in vegas

  17. Yeah has to be surely. With gaethje and fiziev looking likely for march, chandler seeming likely for Conor’s return and poirier seemingly unwilling to fight beneil this is the only matchup I can see happening

  18. It looks sick but it’s very wishful thinking to hope that ea will do something like this for ufc. It’ll probably look exactly the same as the current game but will have a new cover star, a few roster changes and be called ufc 5 instead of ufc 4

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