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  1. Tbf he had 12 gls after like 4 games

  2. Tbf this player has half the goals in half the games, FIFA showing it's truly a realistic experience

  3. Good choice of roster but need some fodder in there for someone like Keith lee/Powerhouse Hobbs to come in, pick up and launch out. Maybe top flight can be in for that (good wrestlers but not gunna win)

  4. 69 ING, I cant try and concentrate on the job I'm doing while getting sucked, and there is never a fair 50/50 split between the parties involved

  5. Seen them near where I used to live a few times

  6. Every single player that pops up in the inbox

  7. Oh darn. Forgot to add also a fully joking.. starts to hear Violins play a Irish Beat..

  8. It's fiddles, not violins, give hornswoggled entrance the respect it deserves haha

  9. With that budget? Gears of War. It'd need that type of money for all that CG of armies and aliens.

  10. Not quite got the budget but there is a gears film currently in the works, releases this year if I'm not mistaken

  11. Best zombies you'll play for a while if that's your thing

  12. Based purely on his wrestling/showmanship ect very highly, because of all the issues he's had in his life which has spilled into wrestling it's tarnished him a lot,pre so when you consider it seemed he was about to have a title reign in AEW to bring a close to the Hardy's on a high and he gave into the demons again and ruined it for them both

  13. Glad you left a source for the correct people to get credit, hate when people claim these sorts of pics. You're a better person than at least some, have a great day

  14. Wish someone would take my snake that deep in their throat

  15. Id like it when the smaller rebirth style map comes in it would be solo/duo only so that it's easier for us soloers.

  16. Isnt he having a big match in Japan early next year? If so probably wants to stay healthy before that then potentially get more TV time after hopefully

  17. Ah! We noticed this too when we were there picking up food!

  18. If it's the latter a friend would like to know haha

  19. Weird calling a birth 'natural' vs c section....they're both 'natural. One is vaginal the other is surgical or c section. Births with medications/drugs are also 'natural'. I so despise that giving birth is the only medical procedure that for some reason has a propagation of expectation not to have medical help and for some reason not having medical help is admirable.

  20. C-section isn't natural as it's not something that just happens naturally, you literally have to have another person cut you open to take your baby out.

  21. He should get some good stuff in for the customers who want it and use the standard stuff for the ones who don't wanna pay extra, it's what my guy used to do until everyone turned to the good stuff

  22. Rule 1) don't talk about the smokers club

  23. Looks like same level to me, so no. Wouldn’t be surprised if fifa called that off though. Sometimes the game uses the center of a player for offside calc

  24. Had this with an 85th minute equaliser against man city, I turned the game off before anything got broken. Accepted the loss and just forfeited the next time I loaded up

  25. Had this with an 85th minute equaliser against man city, I turned the game off before anything got broken. Accepted the loss and just forfeited the next time I loaded up

  26. Quick update for you all, I did not see it this morning but there is a second one on the inside too!!!!

  27. But us tall people aren't allowed to ask smaller people to pass us things from the bottom shelf 🙄

  28. How about Chris Benoit pre Eddie's death?

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