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  1. Therapy. Before the courts have to order it for you

  2. what can the courts really do if no crime has been commited

  3. Priest in my area who molested my childhood friends (all are female, as am I) and my parents hated that man even before discovery upon him being a pedo priest. Did he feel remorseful? Absolutely not, and he gave like two some STDS.

  4. but reddit loves the idea punnishing and torturing people for their thoughts

  5. Agreed!!! Far too many my hero academia and Wednesday cosplays…

  6. Well, I could ask the same question about gay porn, since I don´t find that attractive.

  7. I personally find people who are that pure unattractive actually

  8. what is the name of the one on the left cuz I wanna see rule34 of her

  9. If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. Actually, no. Always flush.

  10. if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown just leave it there

  11. It's still going to smell like walking into an outhouse.

  12. I rarley see urinal cakes, It is very common for people to not flush urinals too.

  13. if you are completly naked at walmart it would be considered completly normal for the weird things that happen at walmart

  14. glad you added the contex or else the FBI might be after you

  15. nix package manager, useful for installing cli applications on silverblue

  16. agreed. when I have a place of my own, I want lots of cats and some dogs and NO KIDS.

  17. In my 20s had a suspicion that I was allergic to cats, and so we thought it would be funny to test it by doing just this.

  18. If I was you I would do it again because I like the feel of the fluffy fur

  19. Back when I used to use Tumblr I followed any accounts that drew fanart of Pokemon Adventures characters. I found one that listed an nsfw alt account with a big (AT YOUR OWN RISK) warning. I was curious so I checked it out and saw my favorite characters eating each other's intestines.

  20. I’m into scat so I think I’m one of the weirdos haha

  21. Karma farm account, low effort shit posting. This account needs banned.

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