1. Doesn’t he also hate unions? Like threatened to fire workers that were wanting to unionize

  2. I like Bojan. And if I know anything it’s that this sub doesn’t know shit.

  3. Not today. I went in for my usual carton in Manhattan Beach, and no eggs were in stock. F in the chat for all the slaughtered chickens and the bird flu.

  4. Yup. In the tech industry it’s very common for an Indian manager in the USA to have his team rapidly increase the percentage of team members of India descent, and decrease the percentage of all other ethnic backgrounds.

  5. The number of angry fat fucks in beer league hockey just looking for fights is too damn high. Dude, I haven't dropped gloves since university, and I'm not obliging you now just because you are 3 months behind on your truck payments and your wife is cheating on you. Leave me and the teeth I have left alone.

  6. I also stopped playing. I wanted to do bad things to those guys.

  7. Definitely massages. I work labor and it would change my life.

  8. Ive been a Chef for 23 years and I do the massages. Not a crazy amount of money.

  9. I just want to rent out a theater to play xbox. They do that? They gunna do that now!!

  10. Sometimes these turn out really dodgy.but if I'm reading this correctly, it's saying we're were pretty much OK defensively and OK offensively without being spectacular on either end

  11. Ya Im unsure as well. I thought Mo played really well. He was on ice for over 2 minutes defensively at one point. Maybe that hurt?

  12. Yes we do. A few months ago I parked on 4th and Washington to get a concert ticket from ROMT. Was there for less than 10 minutes and got a parking ticket in the mail. Seems like a petty way to get a buck, IMO.

  13. Wyoming is an exporter of electricity but an importer of gas. You can’t argue with people this stupid.

  14. Pat redefined the position. No one has had his his size, speed, athleticism and instinct before or since. True sideline to sideline assassin with the leadership to boot. 52 was a one off, broke my heart when he retired early

  15. Suggestions brought me here. Im a Lions fan, used to live in Seattle. Was lucky enough to be gifted 50-yard tix 6th row for Seahawks vs 49ers, 2010 or 11. I remember being in awe of #52 Patrick Willis he was QUITE CLEARLY the best player on the field. It was insane.

  16. Oh. Ok. Thanks for the downvote from whomever i watch the fucking Red Wings.

  17. Because scawty gawt in his ear and told him to slow it down and cawl for help when he needed it.. and to play defense too

  18. Basically. Though most on this sub wont know who Jaques Demers and Bryan Murray were, and their style of coaching.

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