1. The fact she mentioned Women Talking and yet it got no acting noms :(

  2. Yeah we already knew lol oh well be interesting to see how this affects voting. Will this boost votes? Or will this be detrimental for her? Or will nothing have changed and no one cares.

  3. Damnnn these actors really do protect their own. Shout out to them - I wish this energy was done for other... you know what I'm sick of this. It is what it is.

  4. Let’s just cheer for Michelle Yeoh in our corner, even though I know she won’t likely win :(

  5. It's cause Jodie Comer got absolutely snubbed. She should have won

  6. Granted I'm an Emma Stone hater but I don't even think it should've been frontrunner that year, especially with Annette Bening and Amy Adams both getting snubbed.

  7. I still think Huppert was better than Stone that year. I feel like she was robbed.

  8. Whoopi was pissed! She mentioned it on the view. She didn’t say she was pissed but you could tell she was displeased.

  9. Don't forget when Kyle put her in that duo Scarlett Belle and they basically did a live sex show performance on X Factor.

  10. Seriously considering making an account and joining in next year. But I'm a noob and I live in NZ so seeing a lot of movies is impossible lol

  11. She definitely was. Wish she had backing of the studio way back then. But being an indie movie- it’s understandable. Campaigning is expensive as hell. Andrea definitely would have been in front runner conversation imo. It’d have been 3 way race.

  12. I'd say 4 way race tbh including Deadwyler... top 4 definetly

  13. she literally defined 2000s, I was never a fan, but when I look back - most of the songs I heard on the radio etc were sung by her.

  14. That mid-2000s when Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake had pop music in their grips. Their influence was everything and seen well into the early-2010s

  15. I really hope she gets more success and great roles! She was my favorite actress in HotD.

  16. In real housewives fandom we’re currently pondering how Heather Gay got her black eye.

  17. Speaking of which... what actually happened in Scary Island? Lmaoo for all you OG NY fans lol

  18. I wanna know if the 3LW KFC story was true? Last I heard Kieley keeps denying it? And Adrienne hasn't outright confirmed it?

  19. Can we also count in people with disabilities? I know we had CODA and Sound of Silence but still...

  20. I’m just gonna say it’s very on brand that all these white actresses are so passionately outspoken on something that as of now is just a bunch of hypotheticals, instead of being like Sarah Polley and spotlighting WOC like Deadwyler who got lost in the mix.

  21. LOL you should see the original comment Ricci made on Variety's Instagram post about Riseborough. So many white A Listers agreeing with her in the reply section.

  22. Nahh she still has her comment under a Variety Instagram post (which is where I think this article got it from).

  23. Best Actress 2021: we had literally no idea who was winning until the night of the ceremony.

  24. Do you remember the last minute chatter of Penelope Cruz taking home the award lol

  25. I was talking about the Oscars held in 2021, not the Oscars for movies released in 2021.

  26. Ooohhhh lol oh yeah you're totally right.. crazy night I thought Carey had it in the bag for sure.

  27. Most of Russia's billionaires are former KGB officers or communist dignitaries who seized the state assets of the collapsing USSR. Some of them probably have blood on their hands.

  28. Okay I was wrong... I always thought it was mainly the Russian Mobsters that also took a portion of those state assets and got into the top jobs (hence why Putin is so well connected to the Russian Mafia) haha.

  29. Sorry but I'd demand a much higher price than 25k if I was gonna go on a fake date with that clown. Mans embezzled billions out of the country.

  30. Have you done that doll face era of supermodels? Daria Webowy, Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson etc.

  31. Alex Wolff was the best performance in Old, as well. He's a consistently great horror performer, in roles that could have otherwise been forgettable or cartoony.

  32. So weird I use to watch him on Nickelodeon and now he's an up an coming actor... And decent one too.

  33. All that energy toward Harry and Meghan could have been used toward dipshit Andrew. This is the issue I have with the media.

  34. I mean if it's also done for more women of colour, indie, international and genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller etc) actresses then yeah... maybe... why not.

  35. Considering this is the same academy that nominated Riseborough in the first place, I doubt it’ll hurt Cate that bad.

  36. She talked about how silly these awards are and yet she name dropped Riseborough (how random) in her speech. Yeah not obvious at all, Cate.

  37. I know even by 2009 standards!!! I remember in 2006 a girl in 10th grade had a boyfriend who was 23... like wtf

  38. Producer with no funding emails voters to convince them to watch a movie and spread love if they enjoy it- sus and racist

  39. Black actresses do the whole campaign trail, all the luncheons, hit most if not all the pre-cursors, get amazing reviews throughout the season - still doesn't get nominated.

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