1. Personally I think it’s very nice, it’s very reminiscent of Champagne Toast and Bubbly Rosé but it has more of a floral note to it. I like it a lot!

  2. If a customer orders ship from store will you guys press the ship from store button

  3. There is a line outside my store of people waiting to get in..

  4. There is a line outside my store of people waiting to get in..

  5. I remember the good old days when B&BW had nice tote bags for the special boxes. I got one in I think 2015 that is really nice quality! Then, they shifted to the cheaper bags... then got rid of them completely...

  6. We still have tote bags that we sell. I don’t know the quality of them though cause I’m a huge texture person and don’t enjoy the texture of them

  7. I'm allergic to coconut so half of the stuff I can't use but I work there so I gotta suck it up and deal with it

  8. I may be misunderstanding part of your question but if you have an online coupon then it cannot be combined with paper coupons. And pink and blue paper coupons can’t be combined

  9. At my store we have one FFM of it and we leave it on the registers for us all to use throughout our shift.

  10. Still burning spooky cider lane. In my car I have pumpkin apple

  11. Also in that collection is Pumpkin Mint Milkshake but I believe it's only at test stores? Same with Vermont Maple Candy

  12. Yeah. There’s Louisiana’s Incredible Crawfish Boil, Kentucky’s Famous Fried Chicken, and Tennessee’s Toilet That Took Out Elvis Presley

  13. I kinda believed you until the Elvis one… 😅 😂

  14. What kind of station do they play? New music? Old music? Best of 2000’s? If we could narrow down the year it was potentially made we might be able to help. Lol.

  15. For me it only happens when I'm extremely high like way more than usual

  16. I had like 2 spoonfuls of cookie dough that had 2tsp of oil in it earlier but was only high for an hour got unhigj at 5. At 10 had 10mg gummie it is 11:11 now and shaking lots

  17. Like a lawyer? Sorry for having trouble understanding. I’m autistic so I have trouble understanding things sometimes

  18. I have a couple closing shifts next week and I’m nervous but eager to learn what they go through

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