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  1. Saw it driving north on Kenaston and the colours here don’t even come close to the display! Great video though! Thanks

  2. I had a friend die within 8 hours of a brain aneurysm.

  3. Yes COVID does cause that thanks for the pro vax input!!

  4. So nice to see a non Trump ass kissing conspiracy!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha. Expecting the horse police to find anything is laughable.

  6. So many things can make plans change; many that are not within the diners' control. As a diner I'm not renting space from the restaurant; I'm purchasing food and services. If I can't show, no food or services are given. So why would they presume to charge?

  7. Because you’ve denied them the opportunity to fill that table. What is so difficult about this to understand?

  8. Superstore, I've seen it at Sobeys as well.

  9. Yeah I’ve seen it at various grocery stores around the city as well in the international/Mexican area.

  10. Guess he just admitted(in a roundabout way) that he in fact did not win the 2020 election. Hint 22nd amendment.

  11. Wait until you hear how Harry Maguire has been doing this year

  12. I hate Maguire selection. Can’t play for United on a regular basis but will start for England. Ugh.

  13. Find it a little terrifying 54.5% of any number of possible voters would even vote for her. Says a lot about the power of stupidity.

  14. It’s a PR move, if Doug goes back on his word or the repeal legislation is garbage then every union across the country will strike… Doug won’t go back on his word…

  15. Well he did promise not to mess with the green belt so his word ‘may’ not be worth much well maybe 1.5%…….

  16. using the NWC is rightly supposed to include a high political cost - meaning you don't use it willy-nilly, you use it in the most absolutely critical time only when its an emergency - not as an expedient way to end negotiation.

  17. You might want to look into Quebecs’ use of the NWC to dissuade you of the ‘Willy-nilly’ use.

  18. It has worked really well for me. Light, good ergonomics, good trigger, not crazy expensive and shoots really well. Only con i can think of is that there isnt any automatic safety but i think that its really rare on bolt actions anyways :D

  19. Is that .17 HMR? If so have the same rifle and love it and the calibre. Congratulations on the bird!!

  20. Picture really doesn't do it any justice. It was massive.

  21. Check out the C 5 Galaxy it’s even bigger not aware if one’s ever been here before.

  22. You don’t really understand freedom of speech do you?

  23. Yes I do I was in the military for 8 years but go on tell me about freedom

  24. So you have freedoms to say whatever to whoever you want in the military? HA!!!!

  25. No one’s ever accused Toronto city government of spending wisely before so it’s on par.

  26. I wouldn't put it past Danielle Smith to announce an annexation of BC any day now

  27. Maybe she should hold a meaningless referendum hear it’s all the rage these days with dictators and wanna be dictators.

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