1. Yeah I wear them all the time. I think they can look really cool when done right. Not sure about brands though. The trick is to make sure they’re light material, high waisted to accentuate your waist, and that they fit your butt nicely, and then pair with a little top or a figure hugging long sleeve preferably with a sweetheart scoop neck or shoulderless neckline. I like wearing big pants with a velvet shoulderless wrap top. Or I tuck in a long sleeve layering top with a lacy see through camisole (untucked) so that you can still see the figure and adds a little glam.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can't fully understand, but I do get where you're coming from. There's so much pressure on being able to provide for others in a world that was built on taking from others. It's difficult enough for us as individuals to provide for ourselves -- especially with cptsd, as poc, with our own parameters and histories, and with the cultural legacies of patriarchy, ableism, etcetera. It's a lot. I wonder what it would look like if we felt safe enough to drop our acts? I really don't know what that would be or where or how, but I hope we can get there someday. I think we can. Holding space for you today.

  3. Damn! You are a deep writer and thinker. You keep writing things that I think about on a daily basis but chuck in the trash because “That’s just me.” Keep it up! To everything you wrote, YES! Wearing "masks" is exhausting. I enjoy being more authentic when I can, but having to keep up the charade gets tiring, especially when it is demanded of you. I don’t know if you live in the US or not, but I honestly think that so much of our issues in the US are due to our cultural history of being a colony. Any community that stands in the way of colonial profit gets destroyed. The end result is devastated, traumatized communities and land. It’s horrible.

  4. Haha, I'm glad it resonates. I've often fought against expectations/demands to not be "so sensitive" or "too deep," and to kind of bleep bloop robot my way through all the expected checkpoints, so your comment and this sub more widely is a nice relief.

  5. You’re probably going to do some things that aren’t the best for you, but know that - no matter what people try to tell you - your worth can’t be measured in what you do or how you look.

  6. I've just started along with the kibbe exploration and it's changed my life being able to alter clothes and actually make things fit me around the waist. Not got any tips or pics but good luck! For me, it's all about adding darts for waist emphasis or definition and hemming; I'm also trying out wrap top sewing patterns as a tailor friend told me that's an easy way to self-teach.

  7. Why dud my contact lens rip while in my eye? I wasn't taking it out. I was talking to someone and suddenly felt like something was in my eye. After eye drops didn't work I took it out and there was a tear :0

  8. Another one for gamine romantic natural! Totally see it.

  9. 💕✨💓 CUTE 💕✨💓 While I’m not TR, just R, I love the knits, the lace, and the velvet. I love TEXTURE in my fits.

  10. Hehe 💗 I think all of these things suit Rs too and same here! Lush textures such a good way to add drama and romance to an everyday look. I recently got a pair of velvet flared leggings and finally feel presentable in comfy clothes 😁

  11. Such a great blend! I don’t have ingenue but love the aesthetic!

  12. i put too much thought into this but here it is:

  13. Oooooh I am invested in this and love the sapphic plot line

  14. I have not seen the show but from all the suggestions it sounds like people are after a recreation of Benidorm.

  15. I literally have my nephew and mb blocked. Anyone that shows in my “suggested” immediate block. Idk, I don’t need you seeing what I post or comment on 😹😹😹

  16. Oh wait can people see what you comment on damnnnn

  17. This pitch is something that could be absolutely fire if it was written and directed by women, and yet, Sam Levinson.

  18. Riiiight? Like trying to reclaim title of sexiest pop star could make for an interesting critique of pop culture but you just know it’s going to be more white male gaze pretty cis white woman crying prettily wearing nothing and arranged on camera perfectly to have a pretty breakdown instead of the probable reality of snot bubbles and drool in ratty pjs

  19. Sooooo stunning! Amazing! I love it so much ❤️

  20. Maybe Jenna Ortega? I think she definitely has dramatic and ethereal but not sure whether she has gamine or ingenue -- or both!

  21. I’m also voting for cool summer and totally agree with the reasoning of the other cool summer voter. I think the winters are very saturated next to you so you look at the colors more than you.

  22. I’m envisioning a cute sassy n sophisticated cowgirl. Cowboy boots, layered necklaces (with a little cord ribbon necktie) and pigtail braids with green ribbons running through them would be sooo cute. Maybe a lil fringed cowboy hat (pink or green?) you’re so inclined.

  23. Before my leg was injured, when I got overwhelmed with anger, I used to jog up a hike near my house or go on a run or go to the gym and lift heavy weights. Now I spend time on the exercise bike, or do long sessions of deep stretching and yoga.

  24. Thank you for the advice. Cleaning is such a good recommendation too and love that you write poetry ❤️

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