Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt for defying January 6 committee subpoena

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  1. For a second there, i thought that i found my wife’s account

  2. My cat would go fucking insane. Measuring tape is like crack for him

  3. Sweetheart, as I stated, my number 2 point is on the nose,

  4. The Supreme Court has repeatedly protected the right to speak, even when it is not about the government. You simply have no clue what you’re talking about. For example, the Supreme Court has held that abortion protestors have the right to voice their opinions about abortion outside abortion clinics.

  5. Yes, sweetie. I am well aware. However the focus of this thread is a boy taunting a classmate. Not protesters complaining outside abortion clinics.

  6. “An argument can be made” [insert argument that you made up and doesn’t exist in any Supreme Court case about abortion protestors]. The First Amendment protects speech even if it’s not about the government. Any contrary interpretation would allow Congress to ban most major literary works, most films, most websites, etc. As I said in my original reply to you, however, schools can substantially limit speech in ways that would be impermissible outside the school setting

  7. Hahaha. I had a foster who did this. He was an ex stray and I was very impressed at how quickly he took to the litter box but he would stand in it and poop over the side regularly. It was obnoxious. I ended up getting him a top loading litter box and that fixed it. He was good boy except for the pooping and the fact that if you turned your back on him when you left the room he would occasionally attack your legs because he had abandonment issues. The lady who adopted him sends me pictures sometimes. She changed his name from Mister to Ares which is sort of a lateral move.

  8. Jack would attack legs when he was a kitten, but luckily he grew out of that at least

  9. Damn haha now I’m curious as well. If you remember in a few days send an update.

  10. Wow! Bless you for helping before it became a life threatening problem. Can the cat never eliminate the bands naturally? Our old cat was obsessed with hair ties but I never thought he eating them but maybe. Glad Jack is ok!

  11. I think he’s ok! Vet says he can’t digest them and he’s lucky they stayed in his stomach

  12. Oh my goodness. My cat chews the leather tails off the toy mice he gets from the vet. I wonder if those are piling up in his tummy? So glad you could help him “eliminate” them OP.

  13. Vet says he can’t digest them. She said he’s lucky they stayed in his stomach

  14. I love your sentiment but there absolutely are people who live here and hate this country. It's important to distinguish them from patriots who we just disagree with like you say but I have no love for the people who would totally destroy this country and its ideals if given the chance, be they elites or average citizens.

  15. Yeah, some of them fly a flag of a former country that waged war against the US in the 1800s. Others praise our enemy abroad who is actively waging war against Ukraine, tried to interfere in our election, and threatens to invade our allies

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