1. I can tell you for sure that doesn't take this long. Better email the universities and help them link the score to your app.

  2. Hi, thanks for replying. I just noticed in the application portal that it says ‘allow 2-3 weeks after your scores have been received for your application checklist to update’. Could it be due to this?

  3. I work as a college admission consultant. I've worked on 1,000+ applications with my clients. It doesn't take this long.

  4. Got it, thanks. I’m writing to the university right now. If this gets resolved after the deadline has passed, will it be a problem? I’m pretty sure the scores have reached the school and it’s just an issue on their end.

  5. Scholaro.org has a worksheet. Berkeley accepts it I guess You can do it on your own

  6. Hey, just to clarify, the GPA report that you can generate on scholaro is what you're referring to, right? Or is the worksheet something else?

  7. No that’s it. Put in each of your courses and grades over the 8 semesters and you’ll be good to go. Unless Berkeley specifically asked for a WES or an international organization evaluation this should be good enough. Duke uses it too.

  8. hey is it necessary to get a yes from them even before applying? I thought it was something like you mention 2-3 on your application and then when you're admitted you contact them to work with them. That's why I didn't mail a whole lot of PIs and just a few of them. Am i screwed

  9. That's what I thought too, most of them don't even reply anyways. Maybe it differs from field to field.

  10. Happened to one of my friends on the issue essay, he still got a 4.0, so you should be fine.

  11. Talking about 'how pathetic your college is' is one of kisses of death in an sop.

  12. Khan academy’s multivariable calc playlist by Grant Sanderson is pretty good.

  13. Read Anduril and thought I was on the LOTR subreddit lmao

  14. Nice to see some Kannada on this sub

  15. Try associating them with things familiar to you (eg: maverick means rebel, which is exactly what Pete Mitchell (a.k.a Maverick) from top gun is)

  16. This would be a great meme template

  17. That's great writing for a 10 y/o

  18. Damn, a 170 verbal! (of course, I'd expect nothing less from you) Congrats, Vince!

  19. Hey, sorry that this is kind of unrelated to your question, but how exactly do you get a research position at a college like IISc after just an undergrad degree? Is there a way to apply or do you just have to email professors you're interested in?

  20. You do need to email the professor and if he/she has any sponsored projects which matches your profile, they take you in. But getting the reply from the professor is the difficult part. In my case, I did my internship under the same professor, with whom I am working rn and when the project I was working on got sponsored by GoI, he kinda asked me to resign from SNC Lavalin Atkins(where I was working at that stage) and join as a research fellow.

  21. Oh cool, thank you! All the best with your applications.

  22. Why's everyone who hates the sequels getting downvoted lmao, I thought we all agreed that the last 3 movies were absolute dogshit?

  23. I wish they could just retcon the sequels..

  24. Had the same question, thanks for asking

  25. The hero Bangalore deserves AND the one it needs...

  26. Don't forget about ctrl z on the writing section.

  27. There is no page limit for a CV. It can be as long as you want, as long as it doesn't contain useless information. I had a 5 page CV when I applied with a summary of all of the projects I did, including pictures. It worked well for me. I had a "short and bland" CV as other people are suggesting here, but didn't make it in the first season. But in the second season with the long CV, I got into 3 T20 PhD programs.

  28. Yup. CVs are more detailed and long compared to Resumes. It’s good to use CVs when you’re applying for a PhD, though this is just my opinion. :) what I did with mine is I submitted a 3 page CV when I was contacting potential PIs and they looked into it positively, so that’s also what I did with my grad school application in the US.

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