1. The fabrication/fabricator series on you tube Haa a great video on explaining how much bull this is and the correct way to do it

  2. Not that it'll help now but to help with in the future. Moisturiser is key well moisturised hand don't hold dirt can't stress it enough.

  3. Interesting. Can you cut rebar with it too? I’ll have to try one out sometime.

  4. £15k more for hanging 40 doors?!?? £50 a door here in the uk, why is it so expensive?? Don’t think pre-hung doors are even a thing they sell over here

  5. They do but more so for commercial, likes of hospitals gov buildings etc. Would not see them In residential as much

  6. No. Any gas with co2 in it will oxidize the tungsten and make it impossible to make a clean weld.

  7. You can also use them to do a final tighten/torque on the fixing that you can't do manually.

  8. No idea what it's called in English Link to a website selling it in dutch:

  9. Yeah, my (home gamer) understanding is the the real work is done by the parts that clamp around the disc. The centre hole is there for alignment so the disc isn't off-centre. The spacer doesn't need to take any real load, it just needs to be the right size to take any wiggle room out when it's being mounted and stop it wiggling away during use.

  10. Don’t whitewash all of us boomers with your statement. I’ve welded, ran shops with up to 72 people comprised of all nationalities and genders. Never ever have I disrespected any of my Teams. If we needed a discussion, we had it behind close doors or I’d take them for a coffee.

  11. ☝ This is the way it should be done at all times. If you are responsible for people working for you you need to show respect, no matter how much they are getting paid/experience that have.

  12. I don't like most popular sports like football and rugby, but I really like weird niche sports like lawnmower racing, I also really like weapons.

  13. Best thing I have seen in a long time. 🤣 Made my day that did thank you 👏

  14. The multitool is like, the best invention ever for this kind of stuff.

  15. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this, but if you have an Acetylene torch light the torch with just acetylene burning, run that over the area you want to weld it will leave a black sooty residue. Now add oxygen to the flame and heat the affected area until the soot burns off. You would be amazed at how much cleaner your weld comes out when you do this before you weld. This is an old timer trick that works really really well.

  16. You’re right, people here are actually super helpful. I’ll take some pics next time I go out for sure.

  17. Don't be afraid of how they look everyone started with pigeon poop welds at the start

  18. I have a yeswelder hood similar to the one pictured (without the side windows) its OK relatively clear.

  19. Thanks! The brown spots is from lots of heat, happens when welding this thick! No flux core :)

  20. Single phase. We just switched it from 220-110 and I guess my electrician put the flux capacitor in backwards.

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