1. im going through the same shit right now. its rough. i really understand what you are going through and i cant provide any resources but im here for you. im sorry you are going through this and i hope everything gets better, your thoughts and attractions do not define you, only your actions.

  2. I am one too, I haven’t done anything though. Every day I wake up and see my friends and I just think about how much they would hate me if they knew. I just wanna end my life I don’t wanna be like this. Your not alone man

  3. Pedophile-OCD. It's a type of OCD where one obsesses over the fear of being or turning into a pedophile, despite having no attraction to children. Nothing in your post implies that you're actually a pedophile, it sounds more like you are having intrusive thoughts. If you can, try finding a therapist that specializes in OCD.

  4. Www.stopitnow.org has therapists and resources specifically trained to keep individuals such as yourself stable, able to communicate, and able to prevent anything bad from happening.

  5. I've reached out to groups like this one before (not specifically this on but a similar another called b4uact) and while I agree they're probably more adequately trained to discuss this topic they seem to focus entirely on the treatment for people who lack control or can't cope. If this therapist doesn't work out I'll try reaching out to them but from what I see their support isn't what I'm looking for, it seems designed for people who feel they are a risk to others. That other group additionally didn't have any therapists in my area or that took my insurance due to the very small pool of approved therapists they had.

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