1. As much as i know xfx has better input filtering. Btw I would like to see a photo of your gpu after you got it

  2. https://hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/147727-sapphire-radeon-rx-6900-xt-toxic-extreme-listed-europe/

  3. Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT Gaming OC TOXIC - Limited Edition

  4. That's not how it works. The card will pull as much power as it needs, and as long as the PSU has the current capability, the GPU will run fine.

  5. Yes, gpu memory overclock that leads to errors and subsequent error corrections, results in lower performance despite high clocks

  6. Running fine here on mg RTX 3070 with not issues did you run DDU before installing new driver? If not that's the best thing to do. That should then solve your stuttering issues if its to do with GPU drivers else use ISLC as Windows still has stuttering issues due to standby list eating the ram.

  7. i did not use ddu gonna try it, and what is islc exactly?

  8. And I'm informing you about all core.

  9. no you say i should do pbo and thats not informing about manual oc

  10. Yes it is. I'm informing you not to use it.

  11. yh but in my post i said i wanna use it and the reddit post guide you linked destroyed someones cpu he wrote me a dm

  12. I have the same ram in 4x8 clocked at 3600 cl14 at 1.5 v stable for 8 months

  13. i can run 3600 cl 14 at 1.45v fully stable

  14. You shouldn't worry. 1.465V shouldn't get them to temps you should worry about even if you have low airflow

  15. after what voltage do i need to worry about temps?

  16. GDM Enabled also forces CR 1T. Maybe your settings aren't stable at 1T

  17. im using 1T with GDM disabled and it works

  18. Did you do what it says? I suppose you have bitlocker enabled in windows ...

  19. can just disable it or should it be on?

  20. It's up to you, you can disable it (search for bitlocker within windows and you should be able to manage disks) or keep it on for added security.

  21. 1.2vsoc but no reason to max it out it wont be your most stable, anywhere between 1.05-1.2vsoc will be most stable. different for different people and different fclk

  22. mine is at 1.075 rn and i cant boot sometimes, i think i need to trz 1.1v or something

  23. Lol but do my temps sound normal to you?

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