1. "Your deft handling of your unfortunate circumstances, your uniqueness, your ability to surpass me..."

  2. This is exactly how I would see a romance between Joker and Akechi, and the dynamic is so good I just love it. The rivalry aspect but if you push it into romance.

  3. The duel at rank 8 isn't to the death for either party (you can lose the fight and it won't game over) and you find that out after his betrayal and I said it would be interesting how they would handle having a lover betray you, I mean it could possibly be the only Confidant that reverses or even breaks like in P3 and P4.

  4. I hate when people assume we defend and justify Akechi's shitty actions just because we like him and wanna date him. Literally every guy I've encountered on this subreddit who is against anyone being remotely attracted to Akechi automatically assumes this.

  5. This is how people should treat it. It's controversial, weird, and not really that justifiable.

  6. I find it's usually because people approach games like this in two different ways: Are you making decisions as your character, or as yourself?

  7. The exception to people romancing Kawakami (for me anyway) is when they personally like her (like you said, making their own decisions rather than as the character), and are just romancing her through the protagonist. But the fact that I'm doing it through a 16 year old minor character is off-putting to me, so I wouldn't do it even if I am attracted to her. I like Takemi, but I don't romance her because I feel uncomfortable doing it through a character who is essentially an underage, highschool boy.

  8. Omg I remember! They even made fanarts of her! FANARTS ! I'm sorry but any guy who thinks we're crazy for liking Akechi who is a FICTIONAL character are just hypocrites because I bet they'd drool over crazy bitches like that irl yandere who is a murderer.

  9. Yeah I see your point, I'm just a bit wary of guys who say that since they end up being the same guys who simp for actual female murderers, not just fictional, and then they think we're worse when it doesn't make sense. They think only women are crazy enough to glorify and fantasize murderers when men do the same.

  10. I totally understand being wary. The Persona series (especially 5) targets this exact type of male audience, and they shit on the few women that are in this fanbase. Persona 5 is more like this than fans of the other games in the series, like you see people on

  11. My exact same reaction. Bro I thought Ayato was 16, cause Touka is 17, I think. But nah, my man looks like this at FOURTEEN? He at least looks a little bit more like his age in the manga, but absolutely does not in the anime

  12. Breeding? I think you've confused him with lindhart

  13. Alright so I'm a little confused, can someone explain to me why Linhardt has a breeding kink? Because I'm seeing this everywhere and I don't get the context.

  14. If I remember correctly it has to do with Flayn. She shares a major crest of cethleann and he shares a minor crest of cethleann and in their A support, he wants to have 5 children to see the results of what crest they'd have.

  15. Safesport. Safesport was established after the whole debacle where a doctor in US gymnastics was sexually exploiting hundreds of underage female gymnasts for like 30 years to protect such huge scandals like that from happening again. It's to "protect" athletes from being exploited by those who hold power over them in their sport, but in reality Safesport is just an unreliable stapleholder just to LOOK like something is being done about athletes being taken advantage of by the people who should be helping and coaching them. Safesport only had about, I think 30 people in the office handling thousands of reports and it was poorly funded. Safesport as a whole is just full of shit and has done nothing to support athletes who have been sexually assaulted by other members of their sport. Fencing is a patriarchal, male-dominated sport, so it has it's fair share of assault cases and scandals typically on women, such as with Alen Hadzic last year. You can look up more online, the whole thing is nuts.

  16. Even gay people know and admit that is not really the coolest thing in the world to be, are they homophobic as well? Are overweight people fatphobic if they realize that it is not favorable to be as heavy as they are and want to lose some weight?

  17. First of all, as a gay person, while I do admit that it's not a good thing to be gay BECAUSE the world is against me, it doesn't mean I hate myself for being gay. I think myself being gay is a good thing, and I love that part about myself. Well fuck, the world doesn't like me, but I didn't choose to be gay. Oh so the majority of the world dislikes me so I guess I don't deserve rights because some people don't like that I'm having sex with other girls! Boohoo! Oh my god! Yeah haha, I know it's not the best thing to be gay, but it's also not the best thing to be a woman, to be the child of an interracial relationship, that I'm not Christian, and that I'm not White! All things I can't control about myself! Because the whole world doesn't like those things! Guess I should just evaporate!

  18. Who says you have to hate yourself for being gay? I most cerrainly am not suggesting something like that, nor that you have to hate your children if they end up being gay, my point is, that, if people had the power to decide their children's sexuality, absolutely nobody, not a single soul, would choose for their children to be gay.

  19. Well, the reality is you can't choose your child's sexuality. Your child's sexuality is whatever their genetics decide for them to like, and even if you and your wife are straight, it doesn't guarantee your kids will also be straight. My parents are both straight, and I came out as bisexual. I certainly did not choose that.

  20. You like the cutscenes because of Ann being sexualized, I like the cutscenes because joker looks very pretty, we are not the same.

  21. Bruh fr I was playing persona 5 in my living room and the beach cutscene played, and when my dad saw Joker he was like "Wow he's pretty!" not focusing on the cutscene sexualizing Ann in a bikini.

  22. Dimitri probably never washes that thing and it's covered in five years' worth of sweat, dirt, and blood

  23. Are we not going to talk about Petra killing a child and looting Ignatz's corpse... 0_0

  24. Petra is so fucking unhinged and does this shit so casually like eating and breathing

  25. When I first encountered Yuri I thought he was a girl for a hot second because of the long-ish hair and the eyeshadow giving him girly eyes.

  26. Fencing is probably the most frustrating sport I have ever encountered. It is not simple like other sports where the rules are simple and just requires physical prowess, like baseball or football, but it's like playing a game of chess on top of the physical ability you need. Having to outsmart your opponent, trying to master the foundations and hone your technique (which can take years on end to develop...). And, talent on top of all that. Some people are naturally talented and improve at faster rates than others.

  27. Thank you so much for the story, it helped me to get a better perspective on the sport. Good luck on your fencing journey

  28. Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana are all over merch and promo art for P5, where exactly is all the Akechi merch you guys claim exist?

  29. As a representative of the Goroboys, I can confirm we are starving for content. When Akechi got more character development and screentime in the third semester of Royal, we took that and ran with it because it was the only real meal for Akechi fans that Atlus gave us. Atlus, please.

  30. Opinions aren't really right or wrong, but they can be incredibly stupid. This is one of them.

  31. "questions are raised but never answered" I am not reading the rest of the comment

  32. Watch out, Makoto and Ann fans are on your ass now because the majority of Persona 5 fans like them

  33. If Yusuke played minecraft he'd be the type of guy to just build those giant pixel art pieces and also the building type of guy, building beautiful things everywhere and not really caring about anything else

  34. Funny to think Yusuke could afford to pay for any of the necessities to play Minecraft with mc..a tv, console, Wi-Fi, the game itself, which makes sense why he’s bottom tier lol

  35. He could play pocket edition on his phone. And he owns a phone which he either needs Wi-Fi and/or data for to operate pretty much everything on there. He lives in his school dorms so wifi is probably provided to him by the school. And remember, it's not necessarily that Yusuke never makes money, he's just horrible at managing his financials. He made like $10k I think from an art context and he spent over 7k of it on a wooden doll carved by an Italian artist. He prioritizes art and art supplies over BASIC NECESSITIES TO LIVE 🤦‍♀️

  36. How in the world do you see my scrawny ass as thick? 😃 I'm tall, skinny, and lanky. I barely got any meat on my bones, and especially NOT on the front or backside

  37. I'm sure there are, but even then actual "thick" girls have at least 30 pounds on me

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