That escalated quickly

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Kobe's final 3 minutes - Possibly the greatest exit in sports history

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  1. The crowd sounds like they are at a stand up comedy show

  2. "What's the deal with abortions?"

  3. I still like Harden. Don't @ me.

  4. Nope I just like almond butter and also puffy cereal. Can confirm product is indeed really hard and tastes bad

  5. Wow can’t believe that you found this. Glad you liked it

  6. Can’t really blame him tbh must’ve hurt like hell. Wasn’t Ainge All-American baseball player also?

  7. played professionally for the Blue Jays for 3 seasons.

  8. Wow - I didn't know that. That's amazing that he decided after 3 years to play B-Ball and got drafted by the Celts.

  9. I just bought a new hat. Probably won’t even ever wear it now.

  10. we walked over to Notre Dame and saw it from the outside. It burned recently but the restoration is making impressive progress and from certain angles it doesn’t even look damaged! For an inside look, even when Notre Dame is open again, we strongly recommend Sainte-Chapelle just on the other side of the island. Be aware of high security checks as it is attached to a government security department, but otherwise it is absolutely underrated by most average tourists. We cannot recommend it enough.

  11. If you get a chance, go see St. Denis on the outskirts of town. Fantastic church where all the royals are entombed. Incredible light display through the stained glass also

  12. Glad he's committed, but his attitude seems a bit concerning

  13. Kyrie needs to be committed. To a mental institution.

  14. KD tells everyone to shut the fuck up, this proves nothing.

  15. I considered it. If he ended his career right then and there, it just might. But he didn't, so gotta say no.

  16. The ending was insane. That timeout at around 3:45 before he gets to 60, you can see him exhausted on the bench. Barely able to stand, probably just running on adrenaline and determination knowing this pain is temporary and it's all gonna be over soon.

  17. Were you watching Golden State? They won their 73rd the same night, might have been the same time, too.

  18. It's Prime day. Maybe you could get a good deal on a sense of humor if you hurry.

  19. Alright, that was pretty good. how can you guys down vote that? 😂

  20. Only minus 7 on a Nets flair. Unimpressive.

  21. Channel 11 still exists? I haven't seen that station since...Katy Tong? I think that was her name. I'll have to see if that's carried by optimum. Prolly is.

  22. Kaity Tong is still around, my dad watches the news on there in the evening

  23. Wow I just looked her up, that's incredible! I haven't seen her in 20 years at least

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