1. Media nudge. Behavioural control.

  2. Interesting—we’ve seen a trickle of positive headlines around the benefits past little while. An effort to diminish that?…hm. Highly plausible

  3. Wonder what you could get if you transferred a piece of the center-left one with the starred rim

  4. I wouldn’t worry, but it looks like the spawn could have been mixed more thoroughly. It’s okay though, you’re learning

  5. Update : it’s Monday, I’ve taken him to the vet. No micro chip or registered owner and he is believed to be around 9 months old. I shall name him Ben and he shall stay with me from now!

  6. The uselessness of horses. We have fast travel and broken mobility. Why would we ever need them?

  7. I rp fairly hard and never fast travel. Still don’t use the horses at all


  9. Not even the most fearsome daedra compares to the dread of avoiding that ominous approach

  10. I saw a mudcrab the other day. Horrible creatures.

  11. I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!

  12. There are mudcrabs in cyrodiil that are more fearsome than you. Or so I hear

  13. On a more serious note, I really enjoy denying myself fast travel. Wandering is rewarding in Oblivion, it’s full of unique findings. And just trying to make your merry way from A to B, road or not, can present some of the best times imo

  14. Try pulling up the menu and sliding the difficulty as low as it’ll go

  15. I understand the Fighters Guild is hiring new members. Not bad work for some folks

  16. Keep a mostly empty water bottle handy to eject the rice. The water inside prevents splatter…just calmly recognize you’re clogged and take to the bottle, cap already off. Sanitize the needle after then get after it again

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