1. I can never find it personally. Probably one of my favorites in the Ohio program.

  2. Thanks. I stopped doing it when our photos went blurry.

  3. Currently my favorite GMO strain, the Mendo Breath shines through nicely. Flower was beautiful but a bit dry

  4. I throw bovedas in as soon as I get it. Didn't seem overly dry though.

  5. Recommendation is your purchase date, card expiration is there so you can carry until that date.

  6. The doctor was busy so she had to email me a bit later.

  7. I'm there with you. They were flat and like those crappy kids nuggets. KFC has been around forever. They should have the best tenders but they don't. They are pretty much the worst tenders.

  8. Is it more on the sativa or indica side?

  9. Leaned more indica for me, but also had me feeling chatty/social. Nice hybrid, honestly. Great in the Live Resin 510 cart. 🤤

  10. Cool. I might try it. I like to stay on the sativa side. Thanks

  11. You can search “renew” in the search bar like google.

  12. Ohio Cannabis Connection. Easy and affordable 😊

  13. Do they give you your money back if you're not accepted for some reason?

  14. Thought it was one of those Erie beaches. Ha ha. Would be nice.

  15. Looks nice. I miss the beach. Where is this?

  16. This is one of their best strains in my opinion.

  17. Grabbing it again....2nd go with smalls...will review.

  18. I like all their stuff but some strains are obviously better than others. Just got Lime Sherbet and love their Super Sour Orange.

  19. No, it’s the speed at which it happens- I have shit opinions all the time haha but when you are on a lower volume activity sub like this (vs like WSB) and suddenly it gets a lot of interactions immediately, that is a red flag.

  20. Sure. I was thinking about grabbing one to try out. Let me know if you do.

  21. I did try it this is my post lol, just finished it yesterday.

  22. Haha. I couldn't see the initial comments so I thought you were responding to The post.

  23. It’s stinky in a strange but good way.

  24. Depends on what he wants. Is he concerned about genetic lineage or effects. Most people don’t care about lineage and use these terms to describe effects. If describing effects, Orange 43 is a sativa. If describing genetics, it’s an indica. If dispos labeled it as an indica there’d be a lot of unhappy people griping about having a bad time after using it.

  25. I agree. But they were specifically asking for Sativa dominant, they never mentioned anything about the effects. I mean people can suggest o43 but at least tell them it’s an indica dominant but has Sativa like effects.

  26. Most people, unless they specifically ask about genetics or are growing, are talking about effects

  27. I find that a lot of the people on here have no idea what they are talking about. All I did was say it’s indica dominant and you down vote me for saying it. Just trying to let them know.

  28. I put Kief in mine. Easy storage and it doesn't take up a bunch of space in my cabinet.

  29. My grinder is 5 piece so I’ve never had to use them for Kief but good idea.

  30. I had the Verano G6 shake and it smelled super funky and worked great but I have not tried anything by supply.

  31. This looks good. I got a batch of Black Jack and it was horrible. Brown Frown. Haven’t bought anything since.

  32. Black Jack is trash. Butterfly effect is hit or miss tbh. Ancient Roots and Galenas are what I stick to when I can afford it. But this was a diamond in the rough find of the century.

  33. Didn’t see any blueberry on my menus but I did see a Sunshine Kush. Wonder if that’s worth it?

  34. Orange 43 isn't a sativa? Even at the dispos they have said it is a sativa and I've been leery about trying it because sativa's mess with my heart condition.

  35. It’s an indica leaning hybrid. Says on their site.

  36. Most dispensary weed looks like stuff people would want 30 to 50 and eight on the street. And like 150 200 a zip. And the top teir looks like it would be 1400 to 2500 an L in the streets.

  37. Pretty much. Some of the stuff is mids for sure. But to each their own.

  38. I wouldn't count on it. Ohio is the least progressive state. It's like Alabama was in the 60's. The oligarchs and their minions thrive. Lots of shitty manual labor jobs. Heavy policing. Extremely conservative policies. I think Colorado has the best Marijuana model. Most free market with solid reasonable oversight.

  39. I had it good in California but I won‘t be in Ohio long so I can deal while I’m here. I’m shopping in canton so there’s a limited selection so you have to be smart with your choices. I try to do my research first but like I said you can’t take everyone’s opinion as gold.

  40. Fuck no. Sorry to be blunt but don’t waste your money, time, or lungs.

  41. However you got to say it. Thanks. Actually just got back and picked up the Firelands Switchberry OG. I am fairly impressed with the flavor. So used to the fake flavoring. Actually tastes like weed.

  42. C02 extract or live resin.Verano is distillate which many people feel doesn't have the "entourage effect". Steer clear from brands that only process so make sure they also sell flower and not just vapes and edibles. Avoid botanical terpenes at all cost. Luster pod system is worth investing in.

  43. Thanks. Probably get a luster sometime. I like flower but obviously there are certain times when it’s just convenient to have a cart. So I just bought a new cart battery today and wanted to test it out to make sure everything works but these brands have crappy websites with little to no information on their products. I just found out MUV is Verano by researching their crappy site.

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