1. BvS would have also benefitted from being a world’s finest movie

  2. you need to pay for tour merch? shit i thought you got that free when you went to a show

  3. it means whenever its 10 am for you is when presale goes up

  4. if randy bought 7 condoms, each 2.37, how much money did he spend?

  5. one does not simply have to have the ability to be a citizen of the world and to be an individual citizen in a society

  6. hello gordon! another day, another dollar, am i right gordon!

  7. this arg has a connection to nick crowley (in case you don’t know, he’s a youtuber who talks about disturbing topics) i just watched his new “youtube’s darkest video’s” entry, when he advertised the arg. its pretty cool so far!

  8. there’s certain tlc shows that are admittedly funny to watch, but watching a show like this is just sad. i’d much rather watch a show about people’s strange addictions, or failed 90 relationships, or shauna rae or whatever

  9. nah put bryan cranston as gordon and this is unironically perfect


  11. Look admittedly i had a girlfriend one year older then me who wanted to do naughty things at 14 but personally i just wanted to play Minecraft with my friends

  12. tbh its not really that offensive, i see it as more paying tribute. I may be left leaning, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t recognize when people are being overly offended, so this post imo is a bad take. Redskins should have never rebranded, and im glad the blackhawks decided not to

  13. wanting pattinson’s version of batman in the dcu goes against the reason why reeves signed onto doing the batman. tbh, i feel like they should start with a batman and dick grayson combo, since at this point the “young batman” idea is a bit dry…this way we can see dick grayson become nightwing, while also seeing amazing stories like “Death in the Family” to take place

  14. No it doesn’t lmao, he signed on to do a Ben Affleck spin-off.

  15. what? the only reason he made the movie was if dc and warner bros let him do his own thing. He didn’t want to be constricted by a preexisting universe, and instead wanted to make a batman movie how HE wanted it. Putting pattinson in the DCU essentially takes away that creative freedom reeves has, because he has to make it fit with characters that he has no control over, he would have to write for a universe he has no power over, so therefore its pointless and ruins his vision

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