1. So we have a 7mo and recently stayed in an Airbnb that had stairs. I now know that when we buy a home we WILL not be getting a home with stairs!! We’re planning to start looking this year and had previously been neutral on it, but wow it was such a pain constantly going up and down when we forgot stuff. Plus I fell down the stairs twice just in the few days we were staying there, thankfully not holding the baby.

  2. My 7mo strongly dislikes the banana. Really expected it to be a bigger hit.

  3. Mine has been so useful. I mostly just keep my extra pump parts and glasses cleaner on it lol

  4. We had an early teether and had the same problem with sizing. We found what I can best describe as teether straws, worked for a little mouth!

  5. 5 months we had two wake ups a night and around six months we went down to one

  6. Sushi grade means it’s been frozen at some point. Don’t go spend a shit ton of $$$ on it because you thought sushi grade meant “higher grade” or that it’s fresher. Go to your local Asian grocery, look in the freezer, buy the fish, take it home, thaw it under cold running water or overnight in the fridge and then eat it and be safe. I have 6 tickets left for my next class at Straight to Ale (and I teach there monthly)

  7. Will you be having more classes in Huntsville in the future?

  8. Is there a good place to order/buy them? I found them on Amazon, but they're about 4$ a tortilla there.

  9. I get mine from Walmart. Depends on your area probably.

  10. The only way I’ve been able to manage working out consistently is having a set time and schedule where my husband takes over with LO in the evenings. I always go to the gym on Tues&Thurs from 445-615. Then, depending on how things are going I’ll do a quicker workout Wednesday or Friday evening at home.

  11. Success! Now working on poop. Joys of being a Dachshund dad.

  12. Woke up to a Dachshund poop in my kitchen this morning. Fun times. (Despite being prodded out the backdoor multiple times all evening)

  13. I would wait until after. The attention we were able to give our dogs after having our LO take a big hit for the first couple of months. A newborn is just all consuming. Puppies really need that attention and training.

  14. If you have any dogs mine looove a frozen carrot as a treat.

  15. We got out stroller before LO was born and Im glad. I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity to research and pick one after.

  16. We had a very similar spot and dr diagnosed it as eczema. Advised to just treat with lotion and said it’s common to flair up during the winter.

  17. Huckleberry has worked great for us. We have it on multiple devices with no issues.

  18. Yeah I think it was her daughter Penelope who slapped one of their nannies. Kim said Kourtney couldn’t keep a nanny in that same episode. Her kids seem horrible. I just saw an interview where Khloe won’t let her daughter stay over Kourtney’s house which is telling….(yes I keep up🤣)

  19. I was really happy with my choice to have an induction. It went fairly smoothly. It was nice to be able to plan and be prepared for the day I gave birth.

  20. My son is 6mo and we’re just now starting to see some return to normalcy in our marriage. The best thing we did was agree to give each other as much grace as possible until he’s at least a year old. Don’t sweat the little things. Let go of our anger and make peace with the other person even if we don’t feel like we were the one in the wrong.

  21. Baila Huntsville has some classes that we really enjoyed. (Salsa dancing)

  22. Sane. Lonely. Transplants to a city that is great for raising a family but have had a hard time meeting people I have things in common with.

  23. My mom found one of my husky’s long white hairs on her office chair several months after her last visit to us. We live across the country from her so that lone dog hair traveled quite a bit.

  24. My baby was born in July. We only went on walks around the block until he was 8 weeks old and after only took him to outdoor dining areas for the next several weeks.

  25. I’ve had the literal same thought since having our baby about our THREE dogs. I enjoy horrifying my husband by playfully sharing these thoughts with him.

  26. I enjoyed double shot at love more than I expected to. Snooki & Jwoww was pretty good too. Not too much happening while they both were pregnant though lol.

  27. Some lady let her child come up and stick his hands in my 4mo old babies face while I was trying to change him. Drove me nuts cause he kept trying to touch him and the mom wasn’t saying anything.

  28. All the girls got a fuck ton of work once they got paid. Lips and cheeks on Jen for sure.

  29. It’s insane how different jenni looks from the early seasons

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