NewJeans - ‘Ditto’ has hit 463 PAKs, and has now surpassed IU - ‘Celebrity’, thus achieving the most PAKs in history for a song by a female artist

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  1. The third point I agree with. People say Zach doesnt stand for drama when in reality he didnt connect with her enough to deal with it, so he sent her home. I think thats a realistic way to deal with it and still gives the producers the "hey this guy takes charge!" vibe to send off.

  2. I think he’s genuine about wanting to find a wife and about wanting the kind of relationship his parents have. And I respect him cutting to the chase when he’s not feeling someone. It’s when he’s one-on-one with some of the women and his reactions and comments when they are telling him things that strike me as very disingenuous. I can’t tell you exactly why it’s just a feeling I get when he’s speaking. You know that feeling that something’s not quite right but you can’t put your finger on it?

  3. I actually agree with you 100%. I don't think he's a bad person by any means but I get the same reaction, some interactions feel organic but he almost feels rehearsed in most, like he knows what he's gonna say before they even finish talking.

  4. I dont see a current Korean act headlining from a logistical standpoint unless its a BTS or Blackpink, its a huge multi-month planning undertaking which would need them to clear all members schedules, get visas for dozens staff, hire and train foreign dancers etc. It'd be training for a tour with one date pretty much.

  5. Miley should definitely do it in the next few years if given the opportunity. She’s having another career peak in popularity and she can appeal to viewers of all ages. And when her voice is healthy and rested she is limitless.

  6. I dont think Doja is that far off actually, maybe a joint stage like Shakira / J Lo type thing.

  7. When I was 19 my friends looks like Bella. She's a teenager and looks like a teenager lol

  8. I was like “oh great. A man as exciting as white bread” when he was announced but I’m loving how he is carrying himself honestly! He’s a lot more fun that he was portrayed

  9. I mean he still is as exciting as white bread lol the girls seem fun so he seems interesting by association

  10. He appears emotionally intelligent which is interesting to me lol.

  11. Thats fair, its unfortunate that that's a differentiator in a lead male lol

  12. How s voting record is online he is registered republican. Other contestants said everyone in Becca’s final 4 except Jason was MAGA. He partied during lockdown. He’s a Johnny depp supporter.

  13. You can't get any clearer than that lol

  14. Going to agree with you here. She sells one product. It’s a brush you can get for $16 on alibaba (people found it and posted it here), that she’s selling for $100.

  15. When you wholesale you also factor in a chunk for bulk shipping (usually between like 500-2k demending on quantity), web hosting, advertising, and etc. That and you don't always sell out when you invest in a specific product so you don't typically do a huge product range just in case. These costs are much higher for a small business than an amazon. This isnt a fair criticism IMO.

  16. TikTok has convinced everyone that buying a product in bulk and selling it retail is a scam. It’s not a big deal in the slightest but oh well

  17. This just seems like a straight negative. If not enforced the girls are still in legal limbo with BBC and if it is and they’re forced to relocate to Japan that also seems like a negative as none of them are fluent. Especially Chuus potential activities domestically what does that mean for her? These girls can’t catch a break. The only potential positive is the settlement of their contracts but that’s not a guarantee they’d actually begin to make money under the new contract.

  18. The only one we're sure of comes from an affluent family is Haseul. The other ones just seem like they come from normal middle class families

  19. Yeah Chuus mom was driving her around for schedules, that doesn’t scream affluent family to me.

  20. That’s not true, a weight advantage but arm and chest muscles aren’t the same between men and women

  21. Wow, this looks nuts. The ball deathmatch reminds me of wrestling matches we’d have at water polo camp. Super stoked to see the rest of the episodes.

  22. I thought this for the olympians/athletes/dancers. The gymnastics might not be competing anymore but an injury is life changing for the majority of sports. The dancers as well, one poorly healed ankle and that’s it for you!

  23. "......knowing Damn well his father hasn’t changed."

  24. This was moreso an example of guilt and remorse, not changing. He is on a family trip without his family because of his cheating and seeing couples made him sad. He still continued with the women he hired despite this.

  25. Calling this cancelled is so weird. In a normal job this is just a fireable offense.

  26. Canceled never sticks really with men in entertainment unless they’re no longer “useful”. As long people find him funny or interesting for other reasons, they’re totally okay with excusing what would otherwise be career ruining/very much illegal behavior.

  27. It's LinkedIn, not Twitter. The platform is for job networking. People try to not shit where they eat. I understand the disgust, but this is why.

  28. It makes no sense to trash your past employer when you're job seeking. Plus these people are making it known it was widespread layoffs not that they were bad at their jobs, that they're looking for new work, and that they worked at Google. Its only positive to post these things for their situation.

  29. "When you see your boyfriend washing his penis in the sink, that's a sign that they're probably having an affair."

  30. I'm disgusted at this comment section lol If you're far enough away from a shower you need to do a "gentleman's rinse" in the sink, you straight up just need to shower.

  31. Hm, interesting. Why not debut the real singers instead?

  32. From a business side if they can get people behind this you dont need to pay for dorms, food, transportation, outfits etc for a CGI idol. Its a weird idea I hope doesnt become a trend

  33. I think Zach gave Greer the FIR because she told him she's looking for a "traditional" marriage. I think that word caught his attention. On Almost Famous, he revealed he went to a very strict Catholic high school. I get sense that Zach is very vanilla, very conservative and very traditional.

  34. That was actually my thought as well! She said traditional and how "different" new york was and they both nodded heavily. It was semi speculated by some back then too that Rachel rejected him her season because he was conservative but that was pure speculation.

  35. Yes it’s not necessarily, but he and her both likely are.

  36. Anyone else reminded of when the south decided it was okay to take their slaves back from states where slavery was illegal?

  37. Exactly. Hypocritical as well, these same republicans 100% think its a-ok to go across state lines with more lax gun laws to get weapons, do their lawsuits in states with more lax opinions for corporations and etc. They suddenly care about "states rights" when its to control.

  38. I sincerely don't think either Biden or Pence intended to retain documents that were dangerous or highly important in nature. I think though the word "classified" sounds intense, most everything is classified including past travel dates, food allergies, etc of high ranking people. The difference with trump which has now been muddied is, he stole...actually stole on purpose, boxes of top secret documents related to nuclear programs and other countries and stuff. Then when asked for them back, he refused. Then when we went in to get them, found the boxes in wide open places where there is no security. But intent is major here.

  39. Yes I worked for a company that has very strict compliance standards, I dont even work with more private work and I've gotten a warning off of something seemingly inconspicuous. I dont think Biden or Pence were malicious. Trump however purposely lied, stalled, and then lied again.

  40. I really respect Zach for being honest with Madison and sending her home right away. It shows that he isn’t afraid to be real with people and he displayed the level of maturity that’s needed for a lead.

  41. I mean realistically he was about to enter the rose ceremony within an hour later and she forced him to say yes or no, so it wasn't really that big of a show of honesty when it was either now or in an hour to tell her it wasn't going to work. Rachel I only give a slight pass because of the weird amount of rejection towards the bachelorettes that season, plus the split group.

  42. I do like Zach. But I cringed when someone asked "who is Zach?" And he responded with exactly what you posted above.

  43. I think character traits are a good default rather than the generic looking for love but it was a meh question. He did ask it multiple times though after that

  44. I wish her well and I'm totally up for a redemption arc for her in BIP. She seemed sweet, she maybe just had too much alcohol, not enough sleep, and was feeling anxious and stressed.

  45. The show started at what seemed like 8pm and they were in bright daylight at the end of the episode, drinking champagne at what looked like 6-7 in the morning. I dont blame her I would've anxious cried even if I wasn't leaving. They must've been going at it for 12+ hours.

  46. I love the hot pink! This sub is full of haters.

  47. I am not fashionable at all but I thought they looked cute too. Red/beige/neutral is always appropriate. Where else would be appropriate for a bright pink sparkly dress? lol

  48. I'm like in the minority... I find this song to be so generic sounding and like.... not that great. I hope to change my mind soon 😢😢😢😢

  49. I agree, It’s unfortunate I do think she deserves success but it’s sooo very generic, she’s had many more interesting sounding songs that would deserve the same level of success

  50. I think their style is really very easy to listen to if you're a new or old kpop fan. Even people that don't listen to kpop enjoy it as it's very easy to listen to.

  51. It hits on a lot of older r&b influences so I think they’ll be globally popular if they continue the sound they’re off of.

  52. I think you misinterpreted my comment. I am not doubting her health, I am questioning the cause of her health issues (related to BBC’s mismanagement). It speaks volumes when half of a 12 member group has suffered health issues in the past 6 months or so. The girls have gone through a lot, not only regarding their physical health, but also mental health.

  53. Also when Chuu began not participating in events, they also cited “health problems.” I don’t doubt it could be but they have a bad track record.

  54. Good point! And in contrast, Raven blocked Marvin (her most reliable voter) for knee-jerk emotional reasons, while Chaz wasted his final block on his reliable voter Oliver (out of mistaken suspicion that Oliver was the hacker, and because the Marvin-related drama made Chaz feel suspicious towards Oliver’s flirting attempts).

  55. Raven blocked Marvin because she couldn’t trust him when he said she was his #1 anymore, I think that’s fair actually. But we didn’t see her actively try to make additional connections so she still could’ve played different

  56. So again, the songs have completely different melody’s but similar production styles and someone rapping on a beat both songs stole from My Boo. It’s not that deep.

  57. I love Twice, they were on my Spotify wrapped this year, but you can’t deny the closer similarities to Dua Lipa’s recent song. I personally don’t think it’s deep but you seem a bit pressed.

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