1. you’re coming back at a good time, hopefully

  2. Buy, Hold, DCA, Hold. Don’t invest more than you are willing to part ways with. I expect a lot of volatility over the next 6-18 months with great opportunities to increase holdings. Once productions begins to ramp up, the stock will start to move higher. This is not financial advice, I’m just a fan who’d like to buy my first Lucid with the shares I’ve been gobbling up 😉. Best of luck!

  3. Hey that’s great! Thanks for posting these. Maybe you can keep us updated on the progress? Much appreciated.

  4. May be the best restaurant in the world.

  5. My most favorite part is that it is made in Casa Grande…

  6. The updates are coming fast now and the software is greatly improved. I find it fully functional and gaining new features. I love the car, it’s perfection on wheels. I haven’t had any problems so far and Lucid customer service has been bespoke. They know me, I know them. I’ve only spoken to them twice (flat tire and to complain about Electrify America). Indeed the worst part about the Lucid, is Electrify America. I’m quite satisfied overall. It’s a truly spectacular technological feat, it’s a complete car now (with improved software), and it continues to get better.

  7. Okay, that was actually a pretty great video. Not really related to the Great Filter, but I did learn some science!

  8. What’s the lowest you think it will bottom at?

  9. Amazing watch. Can’t stop using it myself. But I use all my watches on right arm but just feels right. 🙌

  10. hope you don’t mind, but I love how it works on my left arm, I know it’s controversial JK

  11. fair point… IMO it is an ambidextrous watch (as they all are) that happens to “look correct” when worn on the right wrist, but is more comfortable than otherwise when worn on the left wrist… plus it’s weird, and I love that; I may be missing the point but it’s not lost on me

  12. Please repot with a proper root wetting. Wash all old dirt away. Goggle correct Lithops substrate depending on where you live. Make sure the pot is at least 4 inches or deeper. Make sure substrate is tiny so roots can grow into it. After washing old soil off and getting repotted wait a week and water. Your lithops isn’t looking the best for a new one

  13. Thanks for the reply! It plumped up nicely, think I got lucky.

  14. Hi Derek. Question - are there any Easter eggs hidden in the Air that we don't know about yet? Like all the hidden California bears (how many are there anyway?). Thanks!

  15. good question! wish we got an answer

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