1. I appreciate the answers everyone! I may just check it out regardless :)

  2. Did you forget to update your game to the latest version? Are you using a previous save file?

  3. Neither, this is after completing a mission and attempting to save. After 40 hours of gameplay

  4. I have files with these names in my folder, does that mean I already have the dlc or is this replacing my save file? adding the dlc to my game? sorry I just don't know how this works but I want the dlc

  5. Saves are stored within "user 1,2,3,4 etc files" so you're not overwriting them.

  6. I'm gonna be honest with you, the vanilla Assault Rifle is probably the closest you'll get easily. Someone has ported the 76 gatling gun if you can track it down though.

  7. I think you’re right. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that. Machine Guns Rebirth has some weapon mods that sort of achieve the look but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Worthwhile mod if you haven’t tried it.

  8. LMGs would be great, but are not easy to reload. Unless you've used them in life, this would take a while to figure out (i.e. lift top cover, replace belt-carrier, load belt onto feed tray, close top cover, double charge the bolt on some...)

  9. Onward has them with a similar reload process and it’s fun and easy to get the hang of

  10. If your username is a play on “brain damage” then you’re absolutely correct

  11. Hi I have it on Xbox one and unfortunately the results are a bit worse than these other comments. Summoning anything turns the boss or enemies you r fighting into 10fps choppy messes. Motion blur makes turning the camera really annoying and when added on top of the weak console, it can look really bad. Shrubbery and grass is limited compared to other versions, and sometimes that 10fps thing happened to enemies even if you don’t summon anything. Other than that, fps is usually around the 27-30 range I believe. Personally, as long as I can run it and the gameplay is good (which it is), I like a game, but just be warned that on a base Xbox One, there are numerous performance and graphical issues, the most of any other version. These are annoying but I still am enjoying the game and was able to get over the issues of playing it on an older console to enjoy a good 6.5 hours so far.

  12. Just encountered a very large boss out in the open for the first time and my frame rate took a big drop. Like nearly unplayable. Was wondering myself if anyone else has experienced this

  13. This is not correct I'm afraid. It depends on exactly what software they are using. Agents (e.g. Tenable) can EASILY enumerate all the contents of a home network and sniff traffic.

  14. This is very insightful thank you. Do you have any idea how I might be able to figure out what kind of software or how much they may be able to see?

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