The way his faces changed seeing his old teacher🥺

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  1. No one here or in the OP's video said it was okay for women to get raped.

  2. Why exactly do you think women can't walk around at night without being frightened?

  3. Thought I recognised this username! Check us out, in the wilds of Reddit. I've come to this sub to remember my child-free days! If I choose my eyes, I can almost imagine it haha

  4. Please don't ever stop. My teachers in school were the only people who ever really saw me. Other kids hated me and I was bullied relentlessly nearly every year of school. It really was a miserable existence and I lived in constant fear and depression. Being able to raise my hand in class and hear my own voice and actually be praised for what came out was the only thing that kept me going. I graduated with top marks and even college credits out of high school because my teachers would stay after class and talk with me . You are just as important to someone as my teachers were to me and you might not even know it.

  5. Thank you, I hope I'm making a difference. I'm sorry you were bullied in school, that's awful, but I'm glad your teachers helped you through it x

  6. I would like you to know this, just a personal story of mine.

  7. Why would you want a blow job from someone you didn't like? Surely that wouldn't be fun?

  8. I mean, if I'm able to get "ready" for a blowjob, maybe I have to reconsider whether I truly dislike that person...

  9. The lack of protective gear is terrifying... You just know if he comes off he's going to lose most of his skin.

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