This “balancing” update just made TOA alot less enjoyable

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

[Happy crab noises]

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  1. This was basically my conclusion, except on the store page for the upgrade has less DLC listed than the bundle, and I made sure its not items already included in the deluxe edition - which I already own. I am going to bite the bullet and I'll report back!

  2. the bundle literally just contains the game and the upgrade dlc...

  3. If you compare the two pages one had several additional DLC listed as included so I didn’t want to fuck myself further. No biggie.

  4. That print on the left with the chatter by their feet looks so good. Like a little ground accent.

  5. My name “Poop Stomper” was reported and removed from me for “inappropriate username”

  6. June 2007 I was muted for saying “I need poop. Buying poop.” verbatim.

  7. I think the majority of their fan base is just way younger than I am. I mean, anyone who lived through the Phish hiatus years has seen dozens of similar regional bands who were good but never really took off. Mainly because they’re derivative and never as good. Remember all of those “The” bands in the Midwest? And Ekoostic Hookah. Particle. Perpetual Groove. The list goes on.

  8. Whats crazy is everyone is talking about Goose but are completely asleep to ekoostik hookah and Dave Katz!! that guy is a fucking musical powerhouse.

  9. Listen to the original Trey sit in. Trey is slowly building up a jam, you can feel him slowly working into something, and before he can get there the goose boyz take the song to the peak and end it because they're stuck in the box of cookie cutter jam band where if you're not constantly peaking a song then the crowd isn't excited because honestly you have nothing to say musically.

  10. Vice grip that bad boy if it doesn’t come off heh heh heh. I love the simplicity of tools like that tbh. “It’s like monke brain said open thing… thing doesn’t open*… wrench or Vice grip has entered the chat

  11. That’s why technology can be so frustrating, you can’t immediately start trying to fix it with you hands. It’s just a dumb chip.

  12. Yeah… Earl the Pearl. Wrist braces, weird boots, safety glasses, and he likes to break cues. Wish he would just go away.

  13. Yeah they said the same thing about him using an extended cue 10 years ago, now look. Keep being a follower man, some people are driven to try new things.

  14. This got me thinking, I wonder what it would look like to see all the beers I’ve drinking in one room. 1000s. Sheesh.

  15. I love Trey and I’m happy he’s here

  16. I’m sure it’s a Harley, so I wouldn’t get too wound up

  17. Built for Ernie Irvin a NASCAR driver in 1999.

  18. Gotcha, a piece of history. I thought you were just really into peanut m&m lol

  19. curious - What happens if you use CRC on the high quality hash? Does it turn it to trash?

  20. Update: Alex from LHS reached out and took time to have a phone conversation with me. Along with apologizing profusely, he immediately refunded me the cost of the unit. We’ve come to the conclusion that the coil is most likely malfunctioned. Lighthouse exceeds expectations again even when faced with an issue. Give these guys a try when you get a chance.

  21. Yea they finally made their way down to my area last week so I got the disposable and a flan and was impressed

  22. I can wholeheartedly suggest all the extracts from Lighthouse. Even the vapes are great, I was just really let down by this one. It’s just sitting in the box unused. There’s definitely something wrong with it and not safe to use. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the issue.

  23. bro I call it that out of straight anger

  24. I loved it at first but it's almost too sweet and juicy.

  25. How significant was the nerf? I’m In the process of moving houses so have not had a chance to play yet, but I heard it was great. Is it still good/enjoyable?

  26. did you not read the fucking post you just commented on?? Holy hell man

  27. you know youre reaching peak rs performance when the sun is too much of a deterrent

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