1. for track events i need to say the 400 because it feels like a short 800 and field events i say it has to be discus because the improvements come from a lot more technical development rather than strength in comparison to a lot of other events.

  2. Hey man, you are looking really good. I like the separation you are able to create (shoulder and hip separation) and that is an area that a lot of throwers struggle with.

  3. thanks, I just realized that i was thinking about bring the knee around instead of the foot.

  4. it depends if you mean d1 than you want you be throwing 150-180 feet out of high school. D2 is around 140 and d3 usually varies.

  5. personally I say watch arete throws nation or throes university because there vids are good infermashonaly and they both have high level throwers. that's what I did over the summer and at the end I came out better than I ever thought I would. keep up the work and results will come.

  6. I know how you feel my mom did the same thing when I was in 6th grade.

  7. try to do a faster spin like Joe Kovacs with that short stacher

  8. Hey! Great throw for 8th grade. You are “over rotating”, meaning your left foot lands too late at the front of the ring. Focus on getting your left down quicker. Good drills for this are rotating and landing in “power” which is just a standing throw position. Focus on foot placement at the front of the circle. Getting the left down faster will allow you to whip your hips through and the whole body will follow

  9. when focusing on form go only 75% power injury is not pleasant

  10. start with a low whight like 12 lbs than slowly introduce the 16 lbs

  11. i think the middle distance runners because they aren't a sprint or a distince it is that 1 event that try's to be what distince is while being a sprint stile.

  12. Make sure your pushing out at an angle, incorporating your legs more might help you do this too

  13. Keep working hard to get better. Get lower to use more power from your hips and legs.

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