1. This is a feature in the latest version of my add-on Dream Textures.

  2. You plug a boolean value in. If the value is true, it will use that design. If it is false it won’t. Designs are checked in order, so the first one that is true will be used.

  3. I tried this with the ‘precipitation amount’ option and the output says ‘no value’ any idea why?

  4. Try putting the "Repeat Item" in a "Text" action and see if it shows the value then, the result display is probably wrong.

  5. It uses Verlet integration to simulate cloth, and is only possible thanks to the `geometry-nodes-simulation` branch of Blender 3.5.

  6. This is really cool ! Thanks for explaining, made me wanna start learning coding . How complicated is it for someone that’s from doing node trees to learn to code ?

  7. I don't think there's much of a difference! (except code is better when things get complicated in my experience) Geometry Script maps very closely to the nodes you already know. If you check out the documentation, it walks you through creating a script, and shows the nodes the script maps to.

  8. Thanks! No timeframe for AMD, sorry. PyTorch does not support AMD on Windows. Finding another option is mostly dependent on getting a contributor who uses AMD hardware. Myself and other contributors only have NVIDIA and Apple Silicon hardware to test on.

  9. This was done using my Blender add-on "Dream Textures," which brings Stable Diffusion right inside Blender.

  10. I think it’s close, but it may depend on where the compute power is going at companies like Stability AI. We could start with more specialized workflows for certain types of models.

  11. I just finished this tonight, Ill do my next one using your plugin, thanks again dude.

  12. I few weeks ago I posted about my Blender add-on

  13. Is this still possible? Can't find the Extract HTML table option?

  14. Version 2 for iOS 16 has new “Google Sheets” actions builtin, so it should be a bit easier now.

  15. Hmm I am using the “Get Google Sheet as List” but I’m getting the error “The data couldn’t be read because it is missing”.

  16. Based on the image you sent, I think the problem is that you put something in the "Sheet" text field. Try running it with that left empty.

  17. Hey, sorry for posting on a older thread but i cant seem to find the answer im looking for.

  18. You need version 0.0.7, which added upscaling.

  19. This seems really cool, I've already been using stable diffusion for my textures and stuff but this makes things way easier.

  20. Look at the troubleshooting section in the addon, it has the fix for the basicsr error.

  21. Just a question if anyone could answer, does it work on a Macbook and therefore what specs would be required.

  22. It runs on macs with Apple Silicon. My Mac Studio with M1 Max (32GB) takes about 25 seconds to generate an image with “Show Steps” off and all other options left at defaults.

  23. I'll need to look into a good solution for this. I kept the generator object around to have subsequent generations startup faster, but it could certainly have an impact on rendering...

  24. Gus walks into a bank is far and away my favorite episode

  25. I don’t get it for sports. If you’re a fan, why aren’t you watching the match? (Doesn’t apply to Americans who are a bit fly-by-night with supporting teams)

  26. Well you don't always have time to watch the game and just want to quickly check the score.

  27. My third party timer app is about all I would want. My workout app stays open on the screen for my entire workout, so I don’t need that.

  28. I've found the native clock app's activity useful in the beta, so third-party timers would be nice. Good point about the workout, I guess it could be nice to see the final stats for a few minutes afterward 🤷‍♂️

  29. You can do client side web development in Swift with WebAssembly +

  30. We where looking for a good version of this game and I think we just found it! Thanks you so much! With FaceTime being cross platform by the web as well, this is perfect!

  31. That’s awesome, have fun! FaceTime for the web was such a great move by Apple

  32. I feel like it needs a little "oomph" added to each step to make it look heavier, as it seems a little bit floaty at the moment. Check out some references (Return of the Jedi, Fallen Order, etc.) and you'll see how they shake a bit from the impact every time a foot comes down. It also leans onto the stationary leg slightly when taking a step to maintain balance so the top part kind of rocks from side to side a little bit.

  33. Great tips, thanks for the analysis!

  34. I've been wanting more games like this, particularly during COVID. thanks for building

  35. Good catch, I’ll find a replacement for that.

  36. You can cast SharePlay media to an Apple TV, so that kinda helps. I believe you can also use a FaceTime link, so you could start the show, share a link to a group chat and people can hop in from whatever device and keep cameras off.

  37. Keeping video off but audio on would probably work well, yeah

  38. Off topic: Does anyone know if SharePlay allows you to share your iPhone screen to others or is that still unavailable?

  39. You might find looking at the implementation in

  40. Ok, so I actually ended up bringing in opengametools as a dependency and wrote C# bindings for it. So far so good—thanks again for the help

  41. Didnt look at the code but if any point in the editor you re-arranged the palette positioning, you will need to parse then index to slot data in the .vox file to recorrect the order of the loaded palette

  42. Thanks, I’ll look into reading the order data

  43. What happens if you use .listRowBackground(_:) and pass in HStack { Spacer() Rectangle().frame }

  44. You can pretty much access anything. One of the easiest ways to get data is to use the Flow action ‘Extract HTML Table'. You can just find a website with scores in a table and it will pull them out for you to use.

  45. Sometimes there just isn't an elegant way to add functionality to existing classes through extensions or something similar. This is one more way! Is there an obvious way that using this might bite me?

  46. One limitation is that functions and static members can’t be accessed with this, since KeyPaths can’t point to either of those.

  47. Great catch, I wonder if there's a more complete solution using obj c runtime, properties and methods static and otherwise work with obj c selector right? But I guess Swift stuff isn't available to objc runtime by default anymore right

  48. I’m not sure, I haven’t used Objective-C in a while :)

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