1. I will fully admit chiefs fans want their cake and eat it too... Refs didn't cost Bengals game but are already preemptively complaining about Carl Cheffers costing us SB. Every fan base does it but quite frankly we are TERRIBLE about complaining about refs. It is mad frustrating in life when you feel calls go against you in big moments.

  2. The refs had a legitimate hand in the way it went. It wasn’t one or two bad calls. It was not the greatest Bengals performance but they were playing against a stacked deck.

  3. First off, you're off on the whole covid thing. Kansas won the Natty in 2022. Baylor won it in 2021. It was cancelled due to covid in 2020.

  4. I was talking about the Covid last season that caused our team to go on a month long break in late December through most of January, which resulted in a non stop schedule over the final two weeks, which in of itself resulted in more injuries. And the thing was no one else was dealing with it so we were at a heavy disadvantage

  5. I dont think the team has cashed out either. I think they are all young and inexperienced. So you can say its holtmanns coaching or can understand our team is built on freshman this year and transfers. only 1 guy is back with major playing time from last year in zed key. (sueing was hurt) not only that but then zed key got hurt. This team doesnt finish games well or move on offense well because they haven't played together enough. Which, to some peoples point, thats coaching but its also just cohesion and playing together more and more. And a big part of our lack of offense is just not shooting well. The percentages have dipped way down since the losing streak started. We actually rank dead last in terms of luck, here's a blurb from an article I read "Mathematically speaking, at least, the Buckeyes rank dead last nationally in luck. That’s according to Ken Pomeroy, who actually has a metric charting what most of us would consider to be unquantifiable"

  6. For me, the leaving early to go to the NBA, that has been part of the sport for some time. That isn’t the issue. The issue is the transfer portal forcing teams to change basically everything year in year out in basketball. It has an effect on football, but ultimately even the most transferred from team still retains most of their players. Not in basketball. The cohesion you are talking about simply can’t be achieved when we are having to start from scratch every season because there are 3 thousand players in the transfer portal every year. At some point you are just throwing darts at the wall and hoping they stick.

  7. 2015 vs MSU. We had the best roster in the country, and it was still a Saban vs Meyer discussion. If we make the playoff I think we win it all, and become what Alabama became.

  8. You can’t tell by that angle. His elbow is down before the marker and we can’t see the ball.

  9. We see the first down marker and before his elbow touches most of his body is over the yard to gain. The yellow line is slightly in front of the marker and most of his body was over that when he touched,

  10. We can’t see the ball and that’s what counts. At least not from the angle shown here. Plus the angle shown is not straight down the line. It’s hard to tell if it’s a first down or not.

  11. I mean use logic. His arm didn’t touch until after his whole torso was over the yellow line. Unless he has the ball at his feet, it was a first down. Again, extremely bad spot.

  12. I wish I could forget the Ohio State mens basketball team.

  13. Leave Holtmann in Bloomington and bring Sean Miller from Xavier to Columbus! Enough with this mediocre crap! Holtmann has turned Ohio State into what Miami Hurricanes are in football. Good at recruiting, but it DOES NOT translate into development and it sure as hell doesn't translate into meaningful wins.

  14. I mean he just has really his first top 10 recruiting class. The problem is he can develop some players (Liddell, Tate, and Branham come to mind, this year it’s Sensabaugh) but others never develop (Kaleb Wesson for instance).

  15. Not going to happen. He’ll be here at least another year. He’d have to have a ridiculously bad finish to the year to be fired. I hope it does but just don’t see it happening

  16. The only way it happens, is if there is a rash of transfers and decommittments after the season, similar to what happened with Thad, which is why he was let go. We have a very good recruiting class next year, but if next year, we don’t make serious strides, or we just lose out this year, he has to be gone.

  17. Between the transfer portal and one and dones, college basketball has been completely ruined. While it has effected CFB as well, the transfer portal has just been devastating for basketball. Many teams are an entirely new team each year, and this lack of consistency has created a worse product overall

  18. You proved you are among the best and last year isn’t a fluke

  19. I mean people want to act like they have rowdy uncontrollable fan bases but most of it is situational.

  20. “Cheap” being a relative term especially when you are just struggling to get by going to school in the first place.

  21. Probably Ohio State or Michigan, so the obvious answer is Rutgers

  22. Don’t they in some states? Like I thought here in Ohio it was one ticket.

  23. Hard to complain about this one other than Williams getting injured. They played hard. The run blocking was great. There were some miscues and missed assignments, but every unit played pretty well.

  24. In an emergency there is always Steele Chambers who was originally a back.

  25. Not how, but who. I think I'd rather play OSU again. Michigan dominated us in all 3 phases and won by a few scores. OSU could relieve us of our weakest link if the bludgeon us again

  26. Literally Kirk Ferentz worst loss ever. Yet you want to play us again?

  27. The GOP has many issues, but the first thing we need to do is move beyond Trump. Trump is a hamper on any GOP candidate, and instead of this election being a referendum on Biden, it became a referendum on both Biden and Trump, which is why basically nothing is changing, despite Biden having historically poor approval. Fact is Trump needs it to be about him. His quote of "if they win I should get the credit but if they lose I shouldn't get any of the blame" says all you need to know. He is in it for himself, not anyone else.

  28. That was the most slow motion rush down the field for a TD I've ever seen. The blocks were magnificent.

  29. Our best RB runs of the year are by a true freshman walk-on and a former walk-on WR.

  30. TC "Beast Mode" Caffey is a legend.

  31. ..... or its representative of an electorate that very much enjoys this privilege and the convenience it provides? "If we let people vote easily and conveniently, then EVERYONE is going to want to do it, it's ludicrous!" is not the argument you think it is.

  32. Voting isn't a privilege or convenience. It is a right. The easier voting is the less educated about the topics they are voting on the voters will be.

  33. Why are you aggressively saying voting is a right and then also implicitly saying unintelligent/ignorant people shouldn't be allowed to vote? That seems extremely contradictory.

  34. Here is the issue. Early voting ensures more than any other that those in power stay in power.

  35. Always Fansville. It usually features actual actors, as opposed to Heisman House which is filled with guys that are...not.

  36. I raise you Baker Mayfield, who should definitely go into acting after his decade of journeyman backup is done.

  37. Trump is done. And the longer he stays around the worse it will be for Republicans. He doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about America. He cares about boosting his ego. His lame attacks against guys like Desantis and Youngkin shows that. This is why, as a conservative, I have never been for Trump. He is a liability who cares about himself above all.

  38. We believe its murder and you wouldn't let someone murder someone else just because they believe it's right.

  39. Immediately after. Can't let those damn Wolverines survive.

  40. What's weird and screwed up the general trend of midterms for the senate in the last 2 midterm cycle is that in 2018, the map was unfavorable for the Democrats and in 2022, the map was unfavorable for Republicans.

  41. Sixth Sense is great for that. Same with Planet of the Apes (the original). Not so much with Usual Suspects

  42. The Hangover. Now I’m not saying it has “0” rewatchability… but the films built around comedic shocks. Nothing compares to the first time seeing the tiger, or a naked Ken Jeong.

  43. Respectively disagree. It's still fun after multiple watches.

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