Roger Waters is denying China’s genocide on Uyghur Muslims, and blaming everyone but Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. Can we please stop giving this man our money?

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  1. I like Steve-O but how do you come out with a brand of butt wipes and not know that they are not flushable? Unless they just slapped his name on it you'd think he'd look into something like that.

  2. Why did they spray him? What is his position? What is the situation?

  3. I believe this was Portland during the BLM protests in 2020. National guard was deployed to help hinder rioters and such. Looks like they sprayed him because they didn't like what he was saying and being in their way. There's no shortage of clips like this from police/national guard during the nation-wide protests, using excessive force on ordinary people exercising their rights and/or just being non violent.

  4. Worth it! I just got home in Milwaukee. I was almost moved to tears several times. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear these songs in their proper form.

  5. The Nick Mason show is fucking great, period. Just all kinds of songs you'd never hear the other guys play, and the intergenerational madness of 14 year olds and 70 year olds going apeshit over early Floyd at the same time is a spectacle to behold.

  6. Seriously though this word has exploded into popularity the past 2 years at least. Before then nobody ever used it.

  7. Counter service? No tip. It’s fucking ridiculous that places like Crumbl cookies set a default tip of $3 for a $4 cookie. They pick a cookie off a tray, put it in a box, and hand it to you.

  8. I worked at Sees candies where we'd hand pack whatever custom chocolate assortment people want and usually giftwrap the box if they want at no additional charge, and even spend the time to tie a ribbon or create some kind of gift set presentation if they so choose and there was never a prompt for tipping. Many of these chocolate boxes were 2-5lbs of chocolates hand picked. I very rarely got any tips on the side from customers. And this is in a fast paced/chaotic stressful environment around holidays. So my expectation for that kind of thing receiving a tip is pretty high lmao.

  9. Fwiw, despite Pink Floyd’s popularity among stoners, most accounts agree that none of them (barring Syd, obviously) participated much in that side of RnR culture

  10. Except for Rick at least. I think that was one of the reasons he was kicked out during The Wall recordings. He also did a lot of cocainein the 80s and his rampant drug use likely contributed to his early death.

  11. At this rate, Amazon is going to take over the entirety of peoples’ homes like on The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode with Pierce Brosnan as the A.I.

  12. What do you think inspired Alexa? HAL 9000 from 2001 space odyssey (what that episode is parodying).

  13. So much time wasted. At this point video games are not a hobby, they are an addiction. Get help.

  14. No joke I had to uninstal after hitting almost 3000 hours. I was constantly going back to playing, wasting time and it felt like being addicted to a drug.

  15. I mean I'm not a professional at all and I bought $100 worth of Activision because it was half the price that it used to be it was bound to go back up people

  16. Question because I'm retarded, how do you go about buying Activision stock?

  17. I'd say if anything they're being over reported. If you died with covid in your system, hit by a truck even they were putting covid down as cause of death when in reality they just happened to have covid when they died.

  18. Severe covid can cause pneumonia. So yes, if they die from pneumonia then it is as a result of covid. They would not have died if they did not get covid. It's not "something entirely different," it was caused from having covid.

  19. YSK that the western world has been engaging in a decades-long corporate-backed propaganda campaign to make you think that the Islamic world is backwards, violent, and hopeless without western intervention.

  20. Are you implying that the Taliban is not backwards, violent, and hopeless? Do you know anything about them?

  21. Oh man, imagine with The Incredibles, it would fit so well.

  22. not everything's about you. but like most other males, seems you're having a very hard time accepting that

  23. He's not saying it's all about him, he's arguing your generalization. Your response to him just makes you sound even more sexist against men.

  24. Guys, guys! Rush is great, but their fanbase definitely skews neckbeard....

  25. Uhh have you been to a Rush concert? Most of the people there are dads 40 and older (including mine) with their wives (sometimes).

  26. There's something morbidly beautiful about this picture

  27. To me it's really unsettling. Something about the dark black smoke on the lighter grey background.

  28. Dispatcher here! If you know where it is, the police can go knock on the door and ask about it. Sometimes, someone will admit to it since the cops are there, and give up the phone. However, to search the premise they'd need a warrant, which probably wouldn't happen simply based on a phone call. At the very least she should call the police to make a report. They can enter the phone's serial number as stolen, which can help a great deal later.


  30. Just the lock screen pretty much. Thanks for the input dude. Giving that a watch.

  31. Who is this? Google reverse image just searches for "Beauty".

  32. This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy. It was created to help protect users from doxing, stalking, harassment, and profiling for the purposes of censorship.

  33. What did you hate about it?

  34. Not OP, but I didn't really understand the message they were conveying. At first it seemed like they were refuting the whole "cops are bad and kill innocent black people" spiel (with Junior and the mom) but then it seemed like they were leaning toward that. Or at least the notion of not taking all the facts into consideration before doing something like protesting the verdict. Also I didn't get why they decided to join the protest after saying it was dangerous. And why Ruby spray painted their home, although I assume that was just in her character. I'm not trying to sound rude or something, I love the show.

  35. I think I am going to start posting popular songs everyone knows to this subreddit for free karma. Where should I start? The beetles? Maybe something less popular like Hotel California by the Eagles? Gotta keep it niche.

  36. now that his comment is deleted, do that mean the a roo chain is broken forever ?

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