The Bolo Bradley, continued.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Is your crawlspace bare dirt? Lay down a moisture barrier ( plastic sheeting ).

  2. I believe that people should respect the commitments they have made in marriage and only consider a divorce as a last resort. If you truly love this person, or loved him enough to say your vows, then you should take some serious time to reflect on whether or not the relationship is salvageable.

  3. He only thinks she is cheating because

  4. At no point did the husband accuse her of cheating. In fact, the husband said explicitly that he was not accusing her of cheating. You can read this in the OP's post. And yet, for some reason, the OP continues to make this about cheating.

  5. Asking her to take a paternity test implies the child is not his implies cheating. Are you thick?

  6. Go see a doctor. Your platelet count is possibly dangerously low.

  7. I definitely think it's liver injury, I'm taking voriconazole, and also have nausea and abdominal pain.

  8. Just tell your doctor your symptoms and what you are taking.

  9. 01000010 01001111 01001100 01001111 01010011 00101100 00100000 01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 00100000 01011001 01000101 01000001 01001000 00100001

  10. Don't tell me to fuck off Hennimore!

  11. While I enjoy the shit out of First Contact, this is not an FC crossover fic. Both Ralts and I are adapting Bolos from an existing series.

  12. My trust in rides has dropped dramatically as I've aged & seen all the articles on ride failures

  13. Also chinesium and fraud and tofu dreg construction

  14. The exact same stuff happened to the Nazis after the failed beer hall putsch. They were treated as celebrities in prison.

  15. Most of that 'armor' looks pretty thin...

  16. Let me get this straight (and hopefully I've got my numbers correct). Russia invades Ukraine with +/- 200,000 soldiers. Within six months Russia drafts another 200,000 soldiers. Six months later, Russia is looking to draft another 400,000 soldiers. That's a grand total of 800,000 soldiers in a little over a year. Throw in the up to 1,000,000 men of fighting age that have already fled and Russia has now lost, disposed of, or is in the process of losing 1.8 million men or apx. 1.25% of their entire population in the span of a little over one year. Insane.

  17. Crippled, PTSD, and dead, single mothers, its gonna be a huge drag.

  18. And what are they gonna put them in and arm them with?

  19. Bradleys were designed to be a counter to the BMP and surplus tanks like the T-62 and T-55.

  20. They can defeat a T72 from the side too. And some carry TOWs which will crack any russian tank.

  21. Siocast system is WAAAAAY better, everyone is jumping on board. I have some stuff from Reaper made with it, and it's AMAZING.

  22. Reed is a mega dumb dumb on this, but her statement boils down to "public opinion I don't like is misinformation" which is a yikes take.

  23. So felons would run over FEWER bystanders if pursued?

  24. This absolutely makes my blood boil!! I have always respected the police and appreciate the hard job they have.

  25. There aren't a few bad apples.

  26. Ask for a raise. Reference the economy and how tight things are for you and your contributions.

  27. "how to give yourself cancer"

  28. Russia gutted every industry not related to natural resource ( gas ) extraction. They can barely produce tanks anymore.

  29. Some nights in the drivers hatch when I couldn't sleep, I'd rest my head against the outer turret ring. Sometimes, I'd put my palm against it and just....listen to her.

  30. In Shinto, everything has a spirit, and a tool made, but never used, can become imbued with a restless, angry, dangerous spirit.

  31. This is old magic and every culture has its variation of it.

  32. Genius mods to make using machine guns easier.

  33. I don't know many veterans that served with me that are mentally stable enough to own a gun, yet so many do. The guy with the biggest arsenal I know has constant night terrors and is going through his third divorce. Since I got out in 2011, nearly 50 have killed themselves from my old units and only two of those were by something other than a gun.

  34. Remember how that american sniper died? he and a friend took a vet with PTSD out shooting, and the vet killed them, shot them both in the back of the head from the back seat.

  35. Fr if the military didn't med board you right the fuck out if you have mental health issues after 5 deployments maybe they'd try for help.

  36. The VA had a scandal where it was writing people off, saying they were mentally before joining, should have never joined, and so weren't due any benefits at all because

  37. Tried it. Gave me bad dreams. Worth a try though.

  38. I don’t see what dosage was for the study. I know it was a real game changer for me when I found 300 microgram tablets. All I had seen and tried before were 3, 5 or 10 milligrams (so at minimum 10x higher concentration), and those always helped me fall asleep quicker, but I had to sleep for even longer to feel well-rested. Now, if I fall like I might have had a cup too much of coffee, I can take half of a 300 microgram tablet, and still be able to sleep a normal amount and wake well-rested.

  39. Melatonin drops can be found at health food stores. Its about 100mcg per drop. Game changer for me.

  40. Depends on dosing. The actual doses studied as a sleep aid was like .1-.3mg, most supplements sold are 1mg or more to not infringe the now expired sleep-aid patent.

  41. Garbage In Garbage Out. It's all garbage with toy contracts and no solution possible for the oracle problem ( Attacking another exchange to get a currency to dip to remove all the funds in another currencies contract ).

  42. Well, this is simply false. From Canadian C130s, to British C17 Globemasters, to French A400M Atlas, a whole lot of airforces have visited Rzeszów Airport over the last year, all bringing equipment from their own nations in their own planes. Don't get me wrong - their contribution is certainly significant - but NATO logistics is a whole lot more than just the USA.

  43. No one has the scale of airlift the US has. Some can transport small groups but no one can air lift / ship armor en mass like the US.

  44. Plus US healthcare and social services are a disgrace. My spouse suffered from long Covid but we never filed anything or saw a doctor about it, because we knew the doctor couldn’t actually do anything to help.

  45. Chronic conditions in general are poorly handled but in many cases we just don't know the cause.

  46. This is a difficult topic, because a lot of our understanding of what constitutes "intelligence" has been changing. If you haven't looked into Searle's Chinese Room I'd suggest that you do -while what it describes has far more in common with the old Eliza version of a chatbot, it still has something to say about ChatGPT. Fundamentally, Searle was saying that simply "behaving" in an intelligent manner is insufficient to constitute intelligence. He argued that we want more from an intelligent system than behavior - it needs to have comprehension or understanding behind that behavior as well.

  47. Go read "blindsight", a sf novel. If it doesn't terrify you on some level.

  48. This looks like they didn't want to write a parser at all...

  49. Rust admits the language was designed to avoid ambiguities.

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