Everybody out protesting today [OC]

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  1. Boot it up to set it up first. It lets you verify it actually works and only takes like 5 minutes.

  2. Confirmed. Watch is in excellent condition.

  3. Found it! The key to being lonely by Bug Hunter

  4. Hi y'all, just wanted to say that I have my last interview for a Network Support Engineer role at a Cisco owned organization this week. It's a panel interview and will be my first experience doing a panel interview and hopefully my first job outside of managed IT services. Does anyone have any advice for a last-round interview for a Cisco owned organization for someone with just MSP IT experience?

  5. Would rifle lower + this be intent to construct? Obviously will do further diligence but haven't ordered my pistol lower yet.

  6. Nah, keep them separate. But you're still missing the upper receiver and barrel nut to make it go boom. Put a sticky note on this box and write "for pistol lower only".

  7. I think I was the guy who grabbed the last one of these from Osage last year.

  8. How do you like it? I have 2 P320s but my LGS has a used SP2022 for $375. I try to put a threaded barrel on everything I own because I like the versatility so if I got one, I might do that.

  9. This isn’t too far off a ‘bog either, is it? I hear good things about the FM9 as well.

  10. Being able to shoot while folded is what makes a bog awesome to me. I like my FM9 but but I really want a bog for it's foldy shootability. I have a BRN180s foldy and it's nice, but its a gen one, i would probably prefer it to be 300blk for max suppression.

  11. I need the TLR7 sub for a p365xl, right?

  12. Yes, the P365 and P365xl have a proprietary rail, not the same as normal Picatinny. Unless you get something like the tactical developments adapter rail.

  13. Jedi could block fire. We see it in the Mandalorian and Rebels. The thing is that it seems to need a lot of focus compared to other force abilities so doing it during active combat can leave the Jedi exposed to other attacks

  14. In the High Republic book series they even use force abilities to create a bubble of safe air inside a fog of toxic gas.

  15. It would be no different than the sight radius on a handgun. Works under 25 yards. If you're going to be using a brace or stock to stabilize the firearm then you might want a red dot. The Bushnell trs-26 is good for inexpensive .22 builds.

  16. honestly we dont really know what it really is. We know it has the same tensor 1 processor, it might just be a cut down pixel 6 in the screen, maybe lenses and back glass in the probably 400-500 price range given that the jack seems to be gone.

  17. Good points. This is my first phone update since my OnePlus 5t so I didn't realize the 6a was a slimmed down version.

  18. Same, lol. Did you also have to update because they sunsetted 3g? I could have easily used my 5T for a few more years if not for that.

  19. Exactly! Although my battery life was getting poor and the usb-c port was getting worn. I really liked that phone though.

  20. I got one of these years ago, different PD. I think it was $279 at that point. It functioned but needed a slide stop, a few springs, and a deep cleaning. I use it with a barrel and mags from a m&p9.

  21. Does the 9mm barrel fit without any issues? If I use a G17 9mm barrel in a G22 40cal slide, there's obvious slop. They make 9mm conversion barrels for the 40cal glock slides so they take out the slop. I didn't know if the M&Ps were similar.

  22. yeah, M&P9 barrels will drop-in fit a M&P40. No conversion barrel needed, but it may be more accurate. I use a factory barrel, but my Silencerco 9mm barrel works as well. I've heard of people using using the .40s&w mags for it, but I found a deal on a bunch of used M&P9 mags.

  23. Will the 2.0 barrels work as well?

  24. Heads up, join the Raider owners FB group, cool guys and great advice about what slide lengths and barrels to use if you don't have that narrowed down already. Also, you're going to hate that UTG mount. I did and most other guys on the group do. Most people end up going with the ADM QD mount for the RMR or 509T.

  25. Reminder for anyone interested that also has replacement handguards with picatinny and m-lok rails.

  26. Me: Mom, can we get Aero Precision TX edition lower?

  27. I like the closed trigger guard, flared magwell, and threaded bolt catch release pin on the Aero M4E1 lowers, but the FA pocket on this is awesome for 3rd hole goodness.

  28. I had a Delta M gen2, sold it for more than I bought it for. Really liked it but I reached out to Arex at the time to see if they had plans for threaded barrels and they said they did not. So I figured selling for a profit was worth it. Then at shot show this year they said they are releasing a version with a threaded barrel. I might buy another.

  29. Been looking at getting into PRS. Are spectators allowed at the monthly club matches? I've never done any shooting competitions before so I'd just like to check it out and get the vibe first.

  30. SDTA will not work with ECCO boosters.

  31. Note that these take Armalite style upper receivers, not DPMS (more common).

  32. Wait I thought that the sr25 and armalite patterns were different

  33. The SR25 looks like it takes a slanted receiver. If it doesn't actually fit, it could be like the case with the HK stuff. The HK762 takes a proprietary upper and lower that both have a slant but it's way steeper than the Armalite pattern.

  34. For this price, I'm tempted. Did you need a special bcg or anything?

  35. It comes with a plug that goes in the back of the BCG so it's long enough to touch the buffer.

  36. No, the HE 509T clamps directly to a non conventional rail for pistol mounted enclosed red dot. The Romeo5 uses an Aimpoint T2 footprint to mount to risers I think.

  37. I got one of these from Skid this week, shipped fast, great deal to convert my LE trade in g22. Josh and then are good guys. I've had to email a few times to make corrections and they respond sub-minute

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